Fawley tabbed for parks administrator

Jan Fawley
Jan Fawley

The only person ever to serve as a city and county parks head in the community is returning to Logansport.

Jan Fawley, who served as city parks administrator before leaving for a similar post in 2015, has been named interim city parks administrator by the Logansport Parks and Recreation Board. Her interim appointment begins Monday. She succeeds Marc Vendl who resigned earlier this summer to take another position in the city’s private sector.

Fawley, who has a parks and recreation degree from Michigan State University, has served as a member of the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission. She is expected to be named the permanent administrator when the parks board convenes for its August meeting.

“We’re indeed fortunate to have Jan returning to a position she held for many years,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said. “Her experience with the master planning process for the park system has been a plus for the city, and she was a critical player in the formation and funding for Huston Park, which is a crown jewel in our parks and recreation system.”

The mayor said Fawley’s extensive background in securing grant funding for city and county parks is an added plus, given the limits state-imposed tax caps have placed on Logansport.

“Her familiarity with Logansport and our parks inventory is a strength for us, and her experience as a former parks administrator in a larger city has added depth to her career than can only help us going forward.”

SOURCE: News release from the Office of Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell