Bridge opening best way to observe Labor Day weekend

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Logansport Mayor
Dave Kitchell

We have many ways to celebrate a three-day weekend from festivals to road runs to camping.

In Logansport, the best way to celebrate Labor Day was the August opening of the 18th Street Bridge. It was the best way because it demonstrated a public project that can come in below budget and ahead of schedule. It demonstrated the pride of a former Cass County resident, Trent Newport, who engineered it. It also showed what city/county cooperation can do to give the entire community something better than it had before. Hopefully, we can do that more often.

While fruits and vegetables are harvested from area farms and orchards this time of year, the fruits of many labors went into that bridge. Our counterparts in county government deserve many thanks for their leadership in making it happen the way it did.

The month of August produced still more commitments to the largest renovation in the Cass County Family Y’s history – more than $3 million. Construction began on a new gas station on a north side block. The skeletal form of a new Burger King appeared almost overnight at 24th and Market.

Citizens participating in Logansport Re-Imagined continue to envision a better future in virtually every area of the city. Meanwhile, our code enforcement crew led by Johnny Quinones cleaned up our river banks on the Eel and Wabash with the cooperation of Cass County Prosecutor Lisa Swaim’s office and the Department of Correction Juvenile Facility.

While August was a slow month for work on the Market Street bridge, INDOT is now looking ahead to a revised schedule that will make up lost time and finish the bridge by next summer.

Construction permits are now outpacing work done at the same point in 2016 and 2017. Work continues on our housing master plan as the available housing supply dwindles and we continue our discussions with investors who want to fill the void our growing community is experiencing.

Despite rain, visitors enjoyed the third annual Carousel Festival and the annual Shrine Parade. Contributions continue to be made for the installation of trail cameras thanks to many generous local donors and the efforts of Councilman Larry Hood, Deputy Mayor Mercedes Brugh and our administrative assistant, Marla Evanich.

We are now entering a period of shaping a long-term Strategic Investment Plan for the community that can be used as a working document to encourage the type of development in Logansport that sends a message that we want our city to be a more prosperous, inviting place not just for our generation, but for those who come after us. We will appreciate community input as the process proceeds.

It is a privilege to serve you in my capacity. If you have a problem, a concern, an idea or a complaint, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at (574) 753-2551, or by e-mail at