Company reportedly no longer considering wind energy project in Cass County

The Pharos Tribune reports that Renewable Energy Systems is no longer considering bringing wind turbines to northern Cass County.

In January, RES held a private dinner and information session to which landowners who had signed lease agreements were invited. All three Cass County commissioners also attended.

At the May 21 meeting of the Cass County Commissioners, the first public presentations on the project were made, by representatives from Barnes and Thornburg and Umbaugh and Associates. At that meeting, county commissioner Jim Sailors said an evening public meeting would be scheduled and advertised in the future.

On September 4, the Cass County Plan Commission met for the first time since January. At their October meeting, the plan commission is expected to vote on forming a committee to research wind energy and review the county’s current rules and regulations. The county’s planning director said anything the committee brings forward would be discussed during a public hearing and the recommended to the Cass County Commissioners, who would approve or deny.

According to the Pharos-Tribune, “RES stated in a media announcement Tuesday that ‘technical circumstances for the project have changed unfavorably, making the project no longer feasible.'”