Four County investing over $1 million for its employees

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LOGANSPORT  – Four County Counseling Center continues its momentum to improve and invest in its employees, this time with an investment of over $1 million additional dollars in wage and benefits. Within the last 7 months, under the new leadership of CEO Dr. Carrie Cadwell, Four County employees have seen increases in Paid Time Off (PTO), new PTO tiers based on years of service, additional paid holiday, wage increases, and implemented career tracks which allow for professional growth and development.

“Regional and industry labor markets have become the most competitive we have seen.Therefore, it is imperative we concentrate our focus from short-term retention, compensation, and benefit strategies to long-term investments in our workforce”, stated Jason Cadwell, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President.

He went on to state, “current wage increases did not apply to Managers or Executives at this phase of the project, instead the focus was on workforce development in our direct care and support departments. This is only one step in a much larger Board approved 5-year strategic plan which will provide clients and the agency with a more solid and stable foundation for care and operations. The agency’s strategic goal is that our future investments will continue to benefit our local economies, while also allowing Four County many more opportunities for program expansion in the communities we intend to serve”.  

 Four County Counseling Center is a non-profit Community Mental Health Center serving the communities of Cass, Miami, Fulton, Pulaski, Howard, Tipton, and White counties. One in five individual’s struggle with emotional distress. One in ten adults struggles with substance use. At the same time the call to address mental health and substance use grows, there is the need to address workforce shortages.

Keith Kolb, Four County Board of Directors states, “In the six years I have served on the board of directors I have observed just how rapidly Four County has responded to changing community needs. We have greatly expanded our school-based programs, structured our organizations to improve our daily community interaction, and enhanced our basic care efforts. As a retired Human Resources Director, I am well aware of the challenges in recruiting, training and retaining employees.  We are committing time, effort and resources to ensure our employees are fairly and competitively compensated so that we can continue to meet community needs.”

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SOURCE: News release from Four County Counseling Center