Purdue Master Gardener class coming to Miami/Cass Counties

Last Updated on January 7, 2019 by cassnetwork

Want to become a Purdue Master Gardener? Purdue Extension-Miami and Cass Counties are partnering to offer a Master Gardener Basic Training Class. This twelve week class will take place on Wednesday mornings from 9 am – noon running from Feb. 6th through April 24th, 2019. Classes 1-6 will take place on the Miami County Fairgrounds while classes 7-12 will be held at the Cass County Fairgrounds.

The Purdue Master Gardener Program provides the latest information about gardening and home horticulture and makes it available to individuals with a deep interest in gardening. As part of the program, individuals will gain gardening knowledge and skills in: Plant Science; Plant Nutrition; Soil Science; Pest Identification, Diagnosis and Control for animals, insects, plant diseases and weeds; Pesticide Safety and Pesticide Alternatives; and Care of specific plant types (Home Lawns, Herbaceous Ornamentals, Vegetables and Woody Ornamentals). In addition, information on Home fruit production, Indoor gardening, Landscape design, and Yard waste management may be covered.

For more information contact: Krista Pullen, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator at Purdue Extension-Cass County, at kristapullen@purdue.edu or call 574-753-7750.

SOURCE: News release from Purdue Extension Cass County