Habitat dedicates new home on Tacoma Ave.

A Logansport mother and her three children have a new roof over their heads tonight.

This afternoon, Habitat for Humanity officially presented the keys to a home at 206 Tacoma Ave. to Cecilia Arzola. Habitat volunteers had been working on the home for nearly three years. It was donated by the city to Habitat in 2016.

Mayor Dave Kitchell credited the dedication of Alan Riendeau, Vic Sutton, Diann Sedam, Bob Pifer and many Habitat volunteers for turning what had been an empty house into a dramatically renovated home for a family.

“What Habitat and its volunteers have done here today as they say works on so many levels,’” Kitchell said. “It takes a property that was empty and fills it with a family that needs housing. It puts a property back on the tax rolls. It reduces an opportunity for a structure to be an attractive nuisance for crime, and it adds value to the neighborhood not just by adding neighbors, but by raising the market values of other properties. This is what is described as an infill program or smart growth because it leverages property and infrastructure the city already has to add value to the community.”

The project was completed without tax dollars thanks to donations.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell