Cass County Democrats Vice Chair position vacancy announced

The Cass County Democrat Party announces a vacancy in the Vice Chair position of the county’s Central Committee.

The Indiana Democrat Party rules read as follows:

IV. Statement of Principle. Rule 9. Gender Equality.

b. To preserve equality of representation in all Party committees, the chair and vice chair or committee person and vice committee person shall be of the opposite sex.

c. If a vacancy in the office of chair or committee person is filled with an individual of the same sex as the vice chair or vice committee person, the lesser office shall be automatically vacated by operation of Rule 9 (b) above.

Per state party rules, this public notice serves as an invitation to qualified men interested in filing notice of candidacy for the Vice Chair position. To qualify for this position, a candidate must:

1) have voted in the most recent primary election as a registered Democrat, or

2) be certified as a Democrat by the County Chair.

3) be a qualified voter, and

4) reside in Cass County.

Appointment is made via majority vote of the County Committee, comprised of precinct chairs, vice chairs, and county party officers.

Men interested in filing notice of vice chair candidacy are instructed to submit written notice to County Secretary Jim Musselman, 2904 S. US 35, Lot 73, Logansport, IN, 46947, by May 4, 2019.

A County Committee caucus to choose a Vice-Chair will be conducted May 16, 2019, at 6 pm at the Logansport Public Library.

Please direct comments or questions to the Friends of Cass County Democrats’ Facebook page.

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Democrats