Less than 10% of Logansport voters participated in 2019 municipal primary

Less than 10 percent of Logansport, Indiana’s registered voters participated in Tuesday’s municipal primary election.

788 of the city’s 8,445 registered voters, or 9.33%, participated in an election in which one of the parties had only one candidate on the ballot and the other had only one contested race.

In November, all seven seats on the Logansport City Council will be on the ballot, along with Logansport mayor and clerk-treasurer.

The only contested race in yesterday’s election was for Logansport City Council, Ward 2, where Democrat incumbent Larry B. Hood received 53 votes and Wilbur Bingaman received 27.

Republicans cast 383 votes for Logansport mayoral candidate Chris Martin while Democrats cast 335 votes for incumbent Dave Kitchell. Both of them will be on the ballot for Logansport mayor in November.

The other candidates in yesterday’s elections are Democrats and will be on the ballot in the fall.

For Clerk-Treasurer, Duane Ullom received 307 votes. For the two at-large city council seats, incumbent Matt Meagher received 288 votes and Jake LeDonne received 268 votes. For City Council Ward 1, incumbent Dave Morris received 45 votes; in Ward 3, Amy Densborn received 46 votes; in Ward 4, Scott Peattie received 83 votes and in Ward 5, Carl McPherson Jr. received 79 votes.

The general election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019.