Eel River Avenue will remain as is for now

After a considerable comment period, no changes are planned for the three-block stretch between Third and Market streets.

Mayor Dave Kitchell announced Friday that there were several local residents who wanted a one-way Eel River Avenue, but the overwhelming response was to keep it as is for now.

“One of the factors was the impact of the Logansport Brewing Company’s closure, but there were other factors, most of which involved a desire to maintain two-way portion of Eel River for the businesses on Third Street,” the mayor said.

The idea for one-way traffic was considered to allow parking on both sides of Eel River from Third to East Broadway. Residents of that stretch must place their trash for collection on Eel River Avenue, and the move would have freed up space for them. Traffic will remain one-way on Eel River between East Broadway and East Market, and two-way from East Broadway to Third.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell