Red Ribbon Week proclaimed in Logansport

In recognition of the national movement to make the United States drug-free, the City of Logansport will officially observe the nation’s largest anti-drug effort.

Mayor Dave Kitchell Monday proclaimed Wednesday as the beginning of Red Ribbon Week in Logansport. City officials will again participate in the community Red Ribbon event at McHale Community Complex. The event annually recognizes young people for their efforts in producing anti-drug posters.

“There is no one teacher or school assigned the responsibility of teaching our young people about the dangers of drug use and abuse,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said today. “It’s a costly problem not only for our community, but for families who have even one loved one affected by drug abuse. It can affect family life, earnings potential and personal health.”

The mayor said the issue was identified recently as a need in the Logansport health needs assessment conducted through Logansport Memorial Hospital. He encourages everyone to wear red clothing or a red ribbon this week as a show of support of all anti-drug efforts in the community.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell