Martin names Logansport Fire Chief, Assistant Chief of Police and other department heads

On Wednesday, Nov. 27, Mayor-Elect Chris Martin announced his remaining department head appointments:

Rick Bair will serve as Logansport Fire Chief.

Shawn Heishman will serve as Assistant Chief of Police.

Martin previously announced the appointments of current Clerk-Treasurer Stacy Cox as Deputy Mayor, Dahrol Perry as Director of Communications, Travis Yike as Chief of Police, Kelly Leeman as City Attorney and Mendy Asselin as the mayor’s administrative assistant. (Read more here and here.)

The administration announced Wednesday that other department heads from the Kitchell Administration will remain the same.

Here is the full text of the statements released Wednesday, Nov. 27:

Experience and Acceptance Message from Rick Bair:

Rick Bair
Rick Bair

Rick Bair was hired on December 26, 1998, and is a third-generation fire fighter with the city of Logansport. Following in the footsteps of his Grandfather Fire Chief Bobby Bannon and Father Captain Richard Bair. Throughout his twenty-one years of service with the Fire Department he has held the position of Firefighter 1998-2006, Training Captain 2006-2012, Assistant Fire Chief 2012-Current. Certified as an EMT, Fire Investigator, Haz Mat Technician,and Fire Instructor II/III. He has also received training in Fire Officer Strategy & Tactics, Advanced Fire Behavior, Advanced Incident Command, Technical Rescue, Wide Area Search along with several others.

Statement from Mayor-Elect Chris Martin on Appointment: After many discussions with Rick Bair and other firefighters throughout the campaign, Rick was the perfect choice for the Martin Administration. Rick has been with the fire department long enough to know what challenges have been faced, while understanding the best approaches for Logansport’s future. Rick Bair is highly respected by his fellow firefighters and encompasses leadership qualities needed to assist the Logansport Fire Department in being successful.

Shawn Heishman
Shawn Heishman

Information and Experience of Shawn Heishman:
Shawn served our community from 1997-2011 and rejoined the Logansport Police Department in 2013, after taking a 2year break to go work for a company in Virginia. Shawn was an honor graduate from the Indiana law enforcement academy, graduating in 1998. He is a 1Sgt on dayshift, and he is also the swat team commander. A military veteran, Shawn served for 3 years United States Army, and worked in juvenile corrections and the Cass county jail prior to being hired by the Logansport Police Department.

All Other Department Heads remain intact, headinginto the Martin Administration:

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.- Albert Einstein.

Statement from Mayor-Elect Chris Martin regarding all other department heads: Under our new leadership, the department heads have experience to carry into 2020. The Martin Administration’s leadership style is different than most, and everyone deserves an opportunity to prove themselves. The way it’s always been is no longer working. This election didn’t come to pass so that we could change every position in the city. This election was about changing the leadership style at the helm of Logansport, creating a positive administration that will not allow bullying, mismanagement, or negativity.Now that we’ve officially selected our team moving into 2020, let’s get to work! Let’s stop speculating, stop doubting, and look forward to the start of Logansport’s second chapter. Together, we will succeed!

SOURCE: News release from Martin4Logansport