Joint Statement from CCFD1/NWFD

The Cass County Fire District 1 (CCFD1) was formed in 2010 for the purpose of providing fire protection in unincorporated areas of Clay, Eel and Noble Townships in Cass County. When the district was formed they had a big task, building a new fire agency from the ground up in only a few months. They started with a small crew, a building adapted to their needs and a humble fleet. To aid in the endeavor, the CCFD1 partnered with the New Waverly Fire Department (NWFD), which had been serving the people of Miami Township and neighboring areas since 1943. NWFD provided manpower, training and additional equipment.

The original partnership between these organizations was forecast to last four years. The contractual relationship, with NWFD providing staffing and other services, has now been ongoing for approximately ten years. The CCFD1 Board recently met and decided, and the NWFD administration concurred, CCFD1 is ready to stand on their own as a separate fire department. Effective midnight, December 13, 2019, firefighters will transition from the supervision of NWFD to the supervision of CCFD1.

While the contractual relationship between NWFD and CCFD1 is being terminated, the brotherhood between the firefighters is not. Many CCFD1 firefighters started as NWFD volunteers and/or were trained by NWFD. The instructors, investigators and officers continue to see many areas where the agencies can continue to collaborate. There are still areas where the departments will continue to be automatically dispatched together for certain types of incidents. The biggest change is CCFD1 firefighters will now be employed and managed directly by CCFD1 instead of under the supervision of NWFD.

NWFD and CCFD1 look forward to continuing to serve the community proudly.

Cass County Fire District 1 Board of Commissioners
Michael Sims, Dave Patty, Jeff Asselin

New Waverly Fire Department Administration
President Jackson Wiseley, Chief Rocky Buffum