Mayor-elect Chris Martin announces 100-day plan for Logansport

Logansport Mayor-Elect Chris Martin
Logansport Mayor-elect Chris Martin

Throughout our campaign, I spoke with you about what mattered most. Through the conversations going door to door, attending local events, and listening to experience, we’ve developed our 100-day plan. With this 100-day plan comes a promise I’ve kept. I promised to surround myself with experience. In fact, the Martin administration has over 100 years of experience. We have an administration that is rare in government today. We’re a bi-partisan administration that focuses on positivity and listening to those we work for:the citizens of Logansport.

We will take a pro-active approach to higher paying jobs, starting in our Industrial Park. The Industrial Park offers potential we’re going to utilize. We’re going to work with CLEDO to increase our focus on higher paying jobs, while continuing our focus on retaining the jobs in the city of Logansport.

We are going to start revitalization in Logansport, starting with the west end. A focus on sidewalks, streets, and infrastructure will allow for better opportunities for the west end to gain more retail opportunities and more appreciation for those who haven’t seen this type of environment for a while. This will allow those living on the west end to take more pride in their communityand to enable improvements to private infrastructure.We’re also going to increase encouragement of development in areas Logansport hasn’t developed in years. What we want for our future, needs to start today.

The Logansport Mall has been an eye sore for too long and we’re working very hard to correct the mistakes of others and finally act.

We are going to work on eliminating the negative stigma associated with mental health. The Martin administration will work with the mental health organizations in Logansport to increase an understanding of mental health and work with local businesses in helping to promote employment for EVERYONE. We can also start in our schools and work with the governor’s office.

Art is part of our community and our downtown deserves a more artistic approach. We have formed a Mayor’s art advisory committee, comprised of local artists, to assist Logan’s Landing, Cass County Arts Alliance, Logansport Art Association, and others in improving the artistic approach our downtown has already started.Housing is going to be increased through private investment and we’ll be researching areas Logansport needs housing.

We’ll be working with local realtors through the Mayor’s realtor advisory committee, comprised of local realtors, to make realistic decisions on housing increases throughout Logansport.

Transportation has been a concern for Logansport citizens. Cass Transit needs more assistance and Logansport needs more transportation opportunities. We will discuss more transportation opportunities through the Mayor’s transportation advisory committee.

Prayer with the Mayor will begin at the end of January. This is not forcing religion on anyone. It is simply an offer of prayer for our community and those who need prayer for themselves or others. We’re not preaching, we’re praying for our community.

We’re going to create a more transparent local government through our live Q&A sessions with the department heads.

We’re going to end the negative stigma about the city-county relationship. We can and we will build a positive relationship through actions, and not just words.

We’re creating multiple Mayor’s advisory committees with folks in our community to assist Logansport in growth. The Mayor’s advisory committees will be:

  • The Mayor’s youth advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s cultural diversity advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s local realtor advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s local artadvisory committee
  • The Mayor’s local business owners advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s quality of life advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s community development advisory committee
  • The Mayor’s transportation advisory committee

Folks, there is so much more to get done in our community. However, these are goals we can set and start accomplishing in the first 100 days. We must become a community where negative comments are turned into positive ones. Where speaking your mind should have respect with it. The city will not change overnight, but if you continue your negativity, our community will keep kicking the can of our future down the road. Stop being the way it’s always been. Let’s start Logansport’s new chapter with positivity and optimism for our future, and the future of those after us.

SOURCE: Guest Column from Mayor-elect Chris Martin