Sabol running for Indiana State Representative in District 25

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Alex Sabol
Alex Sabol

Lafayette, IN –Alex Sabol announced that he is running to be State Representative in District 25, covering parts of Cass, Carroll, Clinton, Tippecanoe, and White counties.

At Tippecanoe County Democratic Headquarters, surrounded by friends, family, and elected officials (such as Sheila Klinker, Chris Campbell, Sanna Booker and Kathy Parker), Alex let voters know his platform and why he’s running.

“We’re here for a reason. It wasn’t just that we wanted to run for office to say we did it. We saw that there has not been an alternative vision for the future of Indiana in this District for over a decade,” said Sabol. “When I took a look at all that we’re up against, what I saw is missing right now is a big future for everyone.”

“Listen, human beings are resilient and incredibly adaptive,” he went on, “And we don’t need a lot…we need to be able to take care of our basic health and well-being.We need to have a safe space to call home.We need to make a comfortable living to provide for our family.We need to have a sense of community and belonging.And we need to have something to look forward to -a future. That’s really it.”

Sabol’s new vision for Indiana is where everyone in the state has access to affordable health care, where Indiana has the top education system in the country and its teachers make a fair wage,and where Indiana is one of the best places in the country to live and work.

“The Census Bureau reported in 2018 that 550,000 Hoosiers do not have health insurance. This doesn’t include the thousands of Hoosiers who are underinsured or those who may have lost the ability to pay for their health insurance after the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act,” Sabol said.“We have an opportunity to turn this around and make Indiana a leader in the future of health. This state is home to some of the largest, most influential health companies in the world. Let’s show the world what we can do.”

Sabol said Indiana teachers are not getting paid fairly, and because of this, Hoosier children are impacted.

“To have the best educational system in the country, you have to attract and retain the best teachers and administrators. You aren’t going to do that when they can walk across the state line in any direction and get $10,000 to $40,000 raise for doing the exact same job. We have to pay our teachers a competitive wage to attract great talent.”

He spoke of manufacturing jobs disappearing in the region.

“Last year, we lost nearly 10,000 manufacturing jobs. We haven’t lost more jobs than we gained in the state since the Great Recession.In response to this data, Republican leaders and, specifically, Governor Holcomb said,‘Older manufacturing jobs are becoming advanced manufacturing jobs … but also where we’re excelling is we’re attracting more life sciences and more high tech, more IT jobs.’That’s great, but not so great if you were one of those thousands of people who lost theirjobs…We need to have ongoing training and development for those people whose jobs are disappearing from advances in manufacturing or agricultural technology. Because the reality is that things are changing much faster than they ever have. We don’t know if tomorrow, that disappearing job could be ours, whether we are a factory worker, an attorney, a doctor, or a management consultant.

”Sabol, son of a veteran and family law attorney, Paul Sabol and Lori Stein Sabol, was born and raised West Lafayette and graduated from Harrison High School as Valedictorian in 2009. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with Honors. Sabol is a business owner in the community and has been active in organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters and sat on several boards for the IU Alumni Association.

Sabol’s grandparents were active community members and were instrumenta lin creating the penguin exhibit at Columbian Park Zoo.

“I just want to say something about Alex’s parents and grandparents…His grandparents, Don and Lois Stein… Don was one of the most generous people along with Lois in this community,but was very quiet about it,” said Klinker. “The penguin exhibit that is going to open in the spring, I want you to know that Don Lois and the Stein family have given that. And Paul Sabol has been on every honor flight, giving flags and meeting with the [veterans]”

Sabol was introduced at the event by his wife, Arielle, who spoke of Alex as loving husband and caring community member.“Alex is in this for the right reasons, he is committed to making the biggest difference he can for people across this state,” said Arielle. “I know when he’s on the campaign trail, or down in Indianapolis at the state house, making a difference will be Alex’s primary concern. Making a difference for people who don’t have a voice, for the people who haven’t felt heard or haven’t felt represented. Making a difference for everyone, whether you are a Democrat or Republican…”

Sabol willbe on the primary ballot on May 5th. To learn more about Alex and his campaign, please visit the campaign’s website at or the campaign’s Facebook page at

SOURCE: News release from Alex Sabol