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Indiana Department of Correction changes in nearby correctional facility properties

Last Updated on April 24, 2020 by City of Logansport – Mayor’s Office

SOURCE: News release from the Office of Logansport Mayor Chris Martin

The Indiana Department of Correction recently notified the City of Logansport of changes in the utilization of nearby correctional facility properties in our city. As your Mayor, I felt it important to inform the citizens of Logansport about these changes and in the spirit of partnership with the Indiana Department of Correction I told them of my plans to pass along this information.

Our understanding is the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) has relocated juvenile male intake services from the Logansport Juvenile Intake & Diagnostic Facility, located at 729 High Street in Logansport, to the nearby Logansport Juvenile Treatment Facility, located at 1118 South State Road 25, adjacent to the Logansport State Hospital. The purpose for this change, as shared by the IDOC, is twofold.

First, to better utilize their facilities in response to downward trending changes in the incarcerated juvenile population and bring together supportive resources for incarcerated youth.

Secondly, the IDOC shared with our city that the High Street location will now be used to house elderly adult male inmates, as well as inmates with underlying health conditions.The IDOC emphasized that residents assigned to this facility are classified as minimum to low-medium security inmates who have displayed general compliance with prison rules and policies.It was also shared with the City of Logansport that none of the transferred inmates have displayed symptoms of being infected with COVID-19 and none have been convicted of a sex offense

As your Mayor, I felt it was important to share this information with each of you and I also want to express my appreciation to the Department of Correction for making us aware of these recent changes