Local educator encourages participation in National Space Day on May 1, 2020

Last Updated on May 1, 2020 by Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

SOURCE: Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

It’s the first Friday in May, and it is National Space Day! The Lockheed Martin Corporation started it in 1997 to promote STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math education. The one-day event was designed to inform the public of the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the field of space exploration. Ultimately, National Space Day is to inspire young people to pursue a career in science, especially a career in space-related jobs.

Life-long educator Pam Roller of Logansport has been selected to serve as a Solar System Ambassador volunteer for the year 2020. The Solar System Ambassador program (SSA) is a volunteer public engagement program managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will provide her with many trainings and educational materials so she can share information and the excitement of space exploration, upcoming missions that explore our solar system, and NASA’s latest discoveries with her community.

Her role is to inspire the next generation with many public outreach events, experiences, and activities.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, most activities and events have to be done remotely at home.

Here is a recommendation for something fun, exciting, informative, and challenging to do:

Please check out the NASA website ( for the latest happenings with the NASA space program. The site is filled with exciting topics geared to all age levels, including preschool through college careers. There are informative videos, interactive games, and many hands on activities. There is even a section called NASA at HOME so kids can be actively engaged with something fun to do related to what is currently happening with the astronauts, the international space station, astronomy, and the solar system.

Once on the NASA website, type NASA Kids Club in the search box for another opportunity with numerous activities for all ages, including Elmo goes to the Kennedy Space Center.

Pam Roller & her Astropup Patches are encouraging you to explore the NASA website for out of this world resources for educators, students in grades K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and also for space enthusiasts. Be prepared to be fascinated at This is a cool way to celebrate National Space Day!