Info sought regarding vandalism on Panhandle Pathway in Cass County

Last Updated on July 20, 2020 by Friends of the Panhandle Pathway

SOURCE: News release from Friends of the Panhandle Pathway

Recently two of the yellow bollard posts were taken from the intersection on the Panhandle Pathway trail in Cass County at cross road 300 South. All that was left at this intersection was the four mounting bolts protruding up from the asphalt. This is a dangerous situation with just these bolts sticking up from the trail surface and we are working quickly to get replacements ordered and installed.

Trail maintenance is handled by a small group of volunteers and this unnecessary damage takes time away from other badly needed seasonal trail maintenance work. In addition to the time requirement, these posts and the related hardware cost close to $500 to purchase. This is $500 that could be productively used elsewhere on this 22 mile long trail.

If you have information about these incidents please report it to the local police or contact the Friends of the Panhandle Pathway at:

Your help is needed and appreciated in locating the individual(s) responsible for this destruction.

Example of a trail bollard post