Mary Max hosting comedian Dave Dugan to celebrate 7th anniversary

Compiled by Michelle Dials for Cass County Online

Mary Max Cinemas will host a performance by Comedian Dave Dugan on Sunday, Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. Dugan has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central and Fox, and has been a regular on the nationally-syndicated Bob and Tom Show.

It’s Mary Max’s anniversary, but they’re giving back to the community, as they have many times over the last few years: Tickets to Sunday’s show are free admission but seating is limited.

Dave Dugan took some time this week to answer a few questions about this weekend’s show.

You’ve been to Logansport before … what brings you back?

I’m mysteriously drawn to Logansport—I mean, how does one keep themselves away from the home of the Berries!  The show at the State Theatre back in March was a lot of fun- the audience was just great and those that run the theatre are incredible. That actually turned out to be my last show in front of a live audience for 195 days as the pandemic hit a couple days after the show.  Another note, I got to share the State marquee with ‘Sonic the Hedgehog” which made me boastful to friends and family, as I bragged about how “now, I had really made it!”

The entertainment industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. How did you adapt and what do or will entertainers need from the public going forward?

Well, we have been hit hard. (not just comics, but musicians and other performers, movie theaters, the list goes on). When all my shows were cancelled or postponed, it didn’t feel right to just be idle, so I looked for other outlets— started a podcast “Just A Minute with Dave” AVAILABLE on YouTube. Many of the humor-based short episodes focus on masks, shortages and other pandemic subjects. Also, my comedy special was released this summer, which turned out to be especially timely since folks can still have access to comedy with this online format. Released by Dry Bar Comedy, who not only produces specials with excellent production values, but offers a free app so fans of comedy can watch limitless specials for free. Mine is called ” Human Cannonball” and was actually filmed in Utah last November. It’s available Another avenue to adapt to these times, I have entertained at some comedy events, virtually, which is fun too and serves a purpose BUT it’s no match for performing in front of  a live audience! ( like at the Mary Max this Sunday afternoon).

What can people expect from your performance this weekend at Mary Max? It’s appropriate for all ages, right?

They can expect original, timely humor. Just the escape needed from the craziest of years. The show is clean enough to be appropriate for all ages. Not sure if all kids would relate to some of the comedy but no one will be offended. It’ll be SAFE for everyone.  We are your safe space. If you ever feel frightened, we’ll wrap you in a Snuggie and stick a popsicle in your mouth!

Mary Max is celebrating their 7th anniversary … anything that you’d like to say to them?

Congratulations for not only a milestone anniversary BUT for marching forward and surviving the times (many theatre chains have not). The community is really fortunate to have Mary Max Cinemas. They provide more of a personal touch than the big chain cinemas AND caring enough about their patrons that they organize anniversaries and invite them to celebrate with them. Yikes, it just hit me! It’s an ANNIVERSARY! Does that mean I need to bring a gift? I’m at a loss- I sure hope they’re registered!