Project to remove dams in Eel River at Logansport moves ahead

Last Updated on October 30, 2020 by Cass County Online

Compiled by Michelle Dials for Cass County Online

At their meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27, the Utility Service Board voted to proceed with the project to remove the dams in the Eel River at 10th Street.

You can read more about the project here.

Logansport Mayor Chris Martin issued the following statement this week:

In regards to the Eel River Dam removal project, I trust the experts. Anyone who would have attended the 3, two-plus hour meetings this year where things were laid out in great detail, I feel would have supported the removal as well.

I completely understand that sometimes, people look at things from a different perspective. I am a strong proponent of economic development,and the value that this project will bring not only to commerce, but also Riverside Park and residential areas being out of the flood plain with a natural flowing river.

Logansport continues to move in the right direction and I can’t thank enough, all of those who are continuing to support our amazing city and who are helping it to, little by little, reach its full potential! Nothing is more important tome than bettering the quality of life for all of our citizens and all of us working together to create a strong community for generations to come!