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Dear Soldiers

Last Updated on November 13, 2020 by Pam Roller

The poem below was written by Pam Roller, a lifelong educator from Cass County.

“I wrote this poem in 2004, and it is a letter to veterans,” Roller says. “I interviewed nearly forty veterans from each of the five military branches with the Richard Lugar History Project for the Library of Congress. I have read it many times over the years for Veterans Day Programs.”

Dear Soldiers Old and New,
Fighting for the red, white, and blue.
Because you have been so very brave
We still see our flag freely wave.
Our stars and stripes are forever
You are to be commended for your strong endeavor.
One nation under God, we are fortunate to be
Our soldiers continue to fight for justice and liberty.
Every man and woman from the branches five
Serving around the world to keep freedom alive.
Protecting America would be so hard
Without the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Coast Guard.
Staff and students representing every grade
Want to thank you for the sacrifices you have made.
Today we want to make it truly known
We are proud to call you our very own.
From veterans to serving our country now
You all gave the best you knew how.
Overseas, at home, peace time or at war,
That’s what we are thanking you for.
When times are tough and hard to bear
Think about how much we really care.
You paid the ultimate price
Without thinking twice.
Being a soldier, you chose to be
Defending our country so we can be free.
To live, work, worship, and go to school,
That is really pretty cool!
Without soldiers just like you
Our hopes and dreams wouldn’t come true.
Freedom gives us an opportunity to learn and achieve
All we have to do is truly believe.
Though we haven’t all met and are far apart
This comes straight from the heart.
Thank you soldiers each and everyone
We are grateful for all you’ve done.
When you are feeling lonely, sad or blue
Remember your country is so very proud of you!
For you, we have such deep respect
Making it your duty to protect.
Until you come home and every battle is won
Be reminded you are second to none.
It is with sincere appreciation
All you have done or are doing for our great nation.
Soldiers whose precious lives have been lost
Serving our country no matter what the cost.
So please be encouraged and accept our letter
Because of you, our world is much better.
Knowing a soldier is an honor and a privilege and we are proud to say
You are remembered not just on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day but every day!
P. S. Just so you know
We really do love you so!

Written by
Pam Roller
Lifelong Educator
Lewis Cass Schools