Help us build a more connected and resilient community

Last Updated on January 13, 2021 by Cass County Communication Network / Existential Media LLC

We believe that information is an important part of a community’s infrastructure, and that a strong, healthy information ecosystem is one of the keys to a more connected and resilient community.

The past year has highlighted the importance of reliable sources for local information.

This year, we”ll be looking at new ways to sustain and grow the services Cass County Communication Network provides, including and

We believe strongly that people should be able to easily find, access and share the information they need to be happy, healthy residents of our community.

Historically, that’s been possible because of the local businesses who choose to invest some of their advertising dollars with us, but this has been a tough year for many local businesses.

Even before the pandemic, we had individuals ask us from time to time if there was a way they could help to support the services we provide through Cass County Communication Network and until recently, we didn’t really have an answer.

Over the last year, we’ve really been paying attention to how people build and monetize communities online, which allows them to continue to produce the content their community wants and needs.

If you find value in the services we provide, we invite you to make a contribution in an amount that matches the value you feel you receive.

Just like the local businesses who advertise with us, people who contribute will help continue to sustain the free services Cass County Communication Network provides to the community.

We’ve had some amazing contributions in our trial run, and we’re extremely grateful to those individuals. We’re also working on a way to publicly thank those who contribute and are willing to be acknowledged for their support.

You can make a contribution online here.

If your business is interested in advertising on our websites, you can find more information here.

We love what we do and we’re looking forward continuing to share information about our community for years to come.

Michelle & Phill Dials
Existential Media LLC