City of Logansport awarded grant for sidewalk and trail project

Last Updated on February 24, 2021 by Office of Logansport Mayor Chris Martin

SOURCE: News release from Office of Logansport Mayor Chris Martin

We are pleased to announce that Logansport has been awarded $976,000 in grant funds to use for new sidewalks.These Federal Highway Administration funds along with local matching funds will be used for new sidewalks and ramps around 3 of our elementary schools and the new junior high school.

“This is great news to start off 2021!” said Chris Martin, Logansport’s mayor. “We are thankful for everyone involved in putting the infrastructure in our community at the forefront.”

Improving the sidewalks throughout the community has been a priority within the Martin Administration since day one. Mayor Martin is thrilled with the state and federal support toward this local initiative.

City Council has also done their part by approving the 20% matching funds in December. This investment of over one million dollars will have a large impact for the City of Logansport. Local community leaders agree that improved infrastructure and enhanced walkability is vital to continued growth and economic development.

The Indiana Department of Transportation announced Monday that $100.8 million in federal transportation funding was awarded to 54 cities, towns and counties in rural portions of Indiana to invest in local road and bridge improvements as well as sidewalk and trail projects.

“I am quite pleased with the work our mayor and deputy mayor put into this grant proposal,” said Dave Morris, Logansport’s council president. “There are always more needs than funds and sidewalks are always a primary concern. “I also want to thank those involved, and those on the council, who supported this project to improve the future walkability of our schools.”

Two months ago, the Logansport council applied for the FAST ACT Federal Funds for nearly a half mile of new trails and 3 miles of sidewalks.

The city has committed to set aside CEDIT funds to pay for the grant’s 20 percent local match.

Martin said the project provides additional safety and encourages a healthy lifestyle for everyone who travels this area.

The new sidewalks and trails will be a huge benefit for the Logansport Community School Corporation’s three existing elementary schools and the new junior high school under construction and set to open in 2022. In addition to providing a safer route to schools, the project is expected to improve the quality of life by encouraging more walking to recreational areas and businesses.

“It’s been great to work with city officials to make this happen,” said Michele Starkey, superintendent of Logansport Community School Corporation. “It also speaks very highly of our community where we have lots of different entities working together on projects to make our community a better and safer place.”

Construction on the new ADA sidewalk and trail improvements are expected to begin in 2026. It will complement and expand upon the Safe Routes to School projects constructed in 2010 and 2017.

“Anytime we can provide safer routes to schools and playground areas for our kids, it’s critical,” Starkey added.

Combined with local funds, approximately $124.9 million is being invested in infrastructure in communities receiving funds, according to a news release from INDOT. Logansport is one of six TAP projects funded. Other projects funded include 32 bridge rehabilitation/replacement projects, 11 resurfacing/reconstruction.

This is a very exciting time for Logansport!The granting agencies are seeing our continued progress and rewarding the potential they see in our community.This project shows our commitment to improving sidewalks and ADA accessibility throughout town. Construction will not begin until 2026 as federal 80/20 projects are awarded years in advance.