Students learn life skills

Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Indiana Department of Correction

SOURCE: Indiana Department of Correction

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility Education Department has had to be flexible and creative to ensure the students are receiving the best education possible. Teacher Mucker was thinking outside the box and came up with the idea of “Mucker’s One Stop Shop” to teach students some much needed life skills. All students were given a blank timecard to record when they performed extra duties, such as cleaning the showers, folding laundry, sweeping floors, throughout the facility.  Students had approximately a week to earn a “paycheck”. Overall, 56% of the student population participated and over 182 hours were submitted.

Each Student who submitted a timecard was also given paystub.  They were taught how to read hours worked, calculate rate of pay, understand the various withholdings, and understand gross vs net pay.

All students who worked entered their payroll deposit into their checkbook ledger.  They practiced writing checks, making deposits, and making withdrawals.  They also learned how to balance a checkbook and to determine how to choose a bank and account type that would best fit their lifestyle. Then students were able to shop in the classroom store.  Any item purchased was paid for with a practice check and logged in their ledger, or they used “class cash.”

“This project brought the students a little joy, while also teaching them life skills and vocational lessons. This project helped students understand how completing tasks properly is a transferable skill that would be necessary to be successful upon re-entry.” Stated Ms. Mucker.