Logansport Memorial Hospital supports Ivy Tech Kokomo Campus transformation with new elevator in the Healthcare Professions Center

Last Updated on April 7, 2021 by Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region

SOURCE: News release from Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region

KOKOMO, Ind. — Logansport Memorial Hospital and Ivy Tech Community College have long been dedicated partners in serving the needs of Cass County and the surrounding area – from development of Ivy Tech’s Logansport campus to providing much-appreciated scholarships to support Ivy Tech students. The hospital’s latest donation – in support of the Ivy Tech Kokomo Campus Transformation – is honored in the naming of the elevator in the College’s new Healthcare Professions Center.

“Moving up – that’s the direction our communities and their residents can go, with the help of Ivy Tech,” said Perry Gay, president and CEO of Logansport Memorial. “Ivy Tech plays an important role in many areas, especially for those of us in health care.

“In the healthcare industry, everything changes so drastically. Decisions in Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis affect everyone in the hospital. Employees have to be ready for change,” he continued. “From nurses to surg techs (surgical technologists) to EMTs, we want to have the most-qualified, well-educated, well-trained employees ready to face the challenges and changes of our industry – and with these new facilities, we feel Ivy Tech is even better positioned to prepare students for all the challenges of healthcare, not just ones specific to their discipline.”

Vicki Byrd, vice president of planning and development (and a member of Ivy Tech Kokomo’s Campus Board of Trustees), talked about the importance of Ivy Tech to her lifelong career interest – workforce development in north central Indiana. “I’ve watched Ivy Tech grow into an ‘engine of workforce development’ over the last 10, 20, 30 years. And now to have a facility like this in addition to the College’s top-notch Logansport campus is amazing,” she said.

The new facilities in the Healthcare Professions Center were applauded by Lynda Shrock, Logansport Memorial’s vice president of human resources. “The clinical experiences we are able to offer Ivy Tech students will be greatly enhanced by the preparation they receive in the new classrooms and labs here at Ivy Tech,” she said. “The more prepared the students are, the quicker we can get them into patient care. This facility, with simulation, real-time video, offers the hands-on experience that means less on-boarding and training when they join our team.”

Logansport Memorial already employs many Ivy Tech graduates, Gay noted, and the hospital is happy to have Ivy Tech as a partner in continuing education for all its employees. Last year, the hospital joined Ivy Tech’s Achieve Your Degree program, which allows employees to enroll in classes with the understanding that the hospital will cover the costs when they successfully complete the course. a number of employees are taking courses that will help them grow their careers and better serve the hospital in everything from nursing to information technology to skilled trades.

“AYD is designed to lead to certificates and associate degrees in fields related to employment opportunities in the hospital,” he said. “Giving our employees access to this program may help us fill positions internally with staff who are already part of our organization.

“When our own employees are willing and motivated to learn new skills and grow professionally, we believe it’s our responsibility to encourage and cultivate that,” he continued. “Being part of this Achieve Your Degree program allows those employees to step forward and do that confidently, without being limited by the resources and investment it takes to continue your education.”

With the donation to #THETIMEISNOW capital campaign, Logansport Memorial has joined more than 200 businesses, organizations, and individuals in supporting the transformation of the Kokomo Campus.

“Our partnership with Ivy Tech is something we’re very proud of and we’re hoping to be partners for a long time going forward,” Gay said. “The new classrooms and labs have all the elements where people can learn in a comfortable, safe, accessible way, making it better for everyone going into healthcare. I’m really excited for the faculty, staff, and students at Ivy Tech.”

Kelly Karickhoff, executive director of resource development for Ivy Tech Kokomo, said the College is very grateful for Logansport Memorial’s participation. “The Logansport Memorial Hospital Elevator will open the door to education here for all our students,” she said.

For more information on the capital campaign and the new Kokomo Campus, contact Karickhoff at kkarickhoff@ivytech.edu or 765-252-5501 or go to the campaign website at ivytech.edu/kokomotransformation.