Logansport Municipal Utilities offers Earth Day tips

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Municipal Utilities

As spring weather brings on more outdoor projects, Logansport’s residents are reminded day to day activities have an impact on the city’s roadways and water quality. This Earth Day, the Logansport Municipal Utilities’ water department is providing useful tips to the community, so everyone can help prevent clogged drains, flooded roadways, and accidental water contamination.

Clear the Stormwater Grates

Be conscious of lawn debris, making sure the street gutter is clear of grass clippings, leaves, sticks, and other excess yard and garden waste. If there is a stormwater grate directly in front of the property, clear the grate of any debris to ensure good drainage and prevent flooding.Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of using a water hose to clean away the dirt and lawn debris. When you sweep, pick up the debris and place it into the appropriate trash receptacle.

Be Conscious of Lawn Chemicals

Run Off Fertilizers and other lawn chemicals are meant for lawn areas only. Please be conscious of and prevent excess chemicals making their way to concrete or asphalt surfaces that can drain to the water collection system and then sent to the wastewater treatment plant, streams, or rivers -create potential contamination problems.

Properly Dispose Petroleum-based Products and Other Chemicals

Homeowners tuning up lawn equipment, performing oil changes, fresh fuel, and other normal servicing of equipment can produce spills or accidental leaks. Petroleum-based products must be properly contained and disposed of, to eliminate the possibility of contaminating the collection system and eventually the public waterways.Other outdoor projects ie: repainting or staining houses, decks, or other landscape features, can also create waste, spills, or excess chemical materials. These products need extra attention to ensure proper removal of excess or proper clean up in the event of a spill.

LMU and street departments work diligently to inspect, clean,and maintain these vital infrastructures, both above and below the street level. These efforts are most effective with collaboration between businesses, homeowners, and residents. This Earth Day, the Logansport Municipal Utilities and the Logansport Street Department send appreciations to everyone who help maintain their properties and contribute to clear waterways.

LMU is a municipal owned, board-operated electric and water utility serving the city of Logansport and surrounding county areas in northern Indiana. Started in 1894, the utility offers carbon free electricity and clean water to over 20,000 residents and businesses. LMU continues to serve and drive redevelopment in the region. For more information about LMU: logansportutilities.com