Logansport Street Department Street Sweeper and Yard Waste Updates

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by Office of Logansport Mayor Chris Martin

SOURCE: News release from Office of Logansport Mayor Chris Martin

Now that it is spring and people are beginning to clean up their properties, the street department would like to offer a few reminders of the city’s procedures and policies regarding disposal of yard waste.

The street department only picks up loose leaves in the fall. The rest of the year, leaves and all yard waste must be put in compostable yard waste bags. Placing piles of leaves in the street is a city code violation. The compost bags will be picked up the same day as your trash is picked up.

Brush routes are ran every other week. If you neatly stack your brush near the street or alley with the cut ends facing the street or alley, it helps speed up the process. If you pay someone to cut a tree for you, that person is responsible for removal of the brush. The city will not haul brush cut by a contractor.

The street sweeper is continuing its first lap around town. Be patient. The first lap is a slow process. There are over 100 miles of streets to be swept and the sweeper runs approximately 3mph. The sweeper has already picked up almost 400 tons off of the streets. IT takes close to two and a half months to complete a lap around town.