Cass County Community Foundation distributes 11 new AEDs for local community areas

Last Updated on May 14, 2021 by Cass County Community Foundation

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Community Foundation

Our community knows all too well and all too recently the shock of losing a loved-one or community member to a heart attack. In May of 2017 CCCF was able to partner with Troy Pflugner of Cardiac Science to purchase and distribute 15 new AEDs to Cass County first responder units.

The funding for those first fifteen units came from the Angelos Chogas Fund at the Cass County Community Foundation. The fund established by Mary Chogas was in memory of her father, Angelos and its sole purpose is to support the purchase of AED’s.

Earlier this spring, the Chogas Fund had once again accumulated enough resources to purchase more AED’s and Cardiac Science, now part of Zoll Medical, was able to provide eleven more AED’s. On Friday afternoon, nine Cass County groups each participated and learned from Pflugner as he again demonstrated and helped distribute the new AED’s. He emphasized to those attending the importance of having an accessible AED and how they can save lives. During his demonstration, Pflugner also pointed out special features on the units such as the ability to be “vocally” talked through the procedure in English or Spanish and text.

In announcing the recipients, Deanna Crispen, CCCF President & CEO stated, “We have worked with Sheriff Schroder, firefighters, and our smaller communities to try and identify places that might be without the emergency availability and specifically in the rural areas.”

AEDs were presented to:

Royal Center/Boone Township Library

Twelve Mile Community Building

Walton Community Building

Walton Town Marshall

Royal Center Town Marshall

Caston Schools

Pioneer Elementary

Pioneer High School

Lewis Cass Elementary

Lewis Cass High School

France Park

For more information about the distribution or the Cass County Community Foundation please call 574-722-2200.