Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Service Area to celebrate Class of 2021 with three ceremonies on May 14, 2021

Last Updated on May 13, 2021 by Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Service Area

SOURCE: News release from Indiana University Kokomo

KOKOMO, Ind. — Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Service Area – which includes campuses and instructional sites in Kokomo, Logansport, and Peru – will celebrate the Class of 2021 with three commencement ceremonies on May 14. The events, divided by schools, will honor 852 students who are expected to complete work on 1,189 degrees and certificates by the end of the Fall 2020 and Spring and Summer 2021 terms.

Graduates of the School of Arts, Sciences, & Education and the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, & Applied Sciences will be honored at a 1 p.m. ceremony at the Kokomo Event & Conference Center. A 3 p.m. ceremony in Hingst Hall in the Health Professions Center on the Ivy Tech Kokomo Campus will honor graduates of the School of Business, Logistics, & Supply Chain; School of Information Technology; and School of Public Affairs & Social Services. A 5 p.m. ceremony at the Kokomo Event & Conference Center will honor graduates of the School of Nursing and School of Health Sciences.

While attendance is restricted to ticketed guests in response to COVID-19 safety measures, the ceremonies will be live-streamed at: ivytech.edu/kokomo/graduation .

“Commencement is truly the favorite time of year on a college campus – the time when we can celebrate the accomplishments of our amazing students,” said Dean McCurdy, chancellor of Ivy Tech Kokomo. “We are so glad to be able to have in-person graduation ceremonies this year and, along with members of the Class of 2021, we have invited 2020 graduates who didn’t have the opportunity to ‘walk’ because of the pandemic shutdown last year.”

McCurdy noted that by dividing commencement into three ceremonies by schools – and issuing up to two tickets for each graduate’s guests, Ivy Tech is able to limit attendance numbers in accordance with safety policies and protocols set by the College and local government.

“Over the last 15 months, these students have met the extraordinary challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic,” McCurdy said. “They have persevered through virtual learning, hybrid learning, modified and rescheduled labs … and all the various ways we have kept going while working to keep everyone safe. This is indeed a great celebration of resilience, strength, and perseverance.”

This year, the Ivy Tech Kokomo Service Area is awarding three honorary degrees. “As we complete the Ivy Tech Kokomo Campus Transformation, we thought it was fitting to recognize a trio of community leaders who have been instrumental in the growth of Ivy Tech in Kokomo and throughout the service area,” McCurdy said.

Those being presented with honorary Associate of Science in College and Community Service are Dr. Pamela Lewis, a founding member of Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Campus team who served for 35 years in a variety of instructional and administrative positions before her retirement as vice chancellor for academic affairs in 2013; Dr. Thomas McKaig, who retired as superintendent of Peru Schools in 2007 and served on the Ivy Tech Kokomo Board of Trustees for more than a decade; and Thomas Trauring, an attorney for 49 years in Kokomo who has been a long-time supporter of the College and instrumental in fundraising efforts in support of Ivy Tech students.

Arlene Emmert of Hamilton County, who has earned an associate degree in Visual Communications, is representing the Class of 2021 as student speaker. Those being honored during the event include Jia Hardimon-Eddington of Kokomo, department chair of Surgical Technology and an assistant professor of Surgical Technology, recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Instruction; David Lingle of Kokomo, adjunct/dual credit instructor in the Automotive Technology program who was crucial in developing Ivy Tech’s automotive technician program with Chariot Automotive Group, recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence in Instruction; and graduating student Shannon Fuller of Peru, who has earned her Associate of Science in Education degree, recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Academic Excellence. Jennifer Hindman, vice president and chief operating officer of Community Howard Regional Health, is being recognized as Ivy Tech Kokomo’s 2021 Distinguished Alumni Award winner.

Members of Ivy Tech Kokomo Service Area’s graduating class of 2021, listed alphabetically by Indiana county and hometown and then by other states and hometown, include:

Members of Ivy Tech Kokomo Service Area’s graduating class of 2021, listed alphabetically by Indiana county and hometown and then by other states and hometown, include:

Allen County
Fort Wayne
Lucas Hendrickson
Seth Truss

Blackford County
Hartford City
Olivia Adams

Boone County
Kyler Cromwell
Andrew Hendricks
Alyssa Kanable
Timothy Critser
Lance Oldham
Robert Taylor
Brooke Hendricks
Arden Hutson

Carroll County
Shawn Kelly
Madison Crume
Jessie James
Gloria Keith
Mackenzie Appleton
Brittany Spitznagle
Linc Hughes
Kyndra Kelly
Kate Kingery
Charles Koeppen
Rachel Foster
Mayle Goad
Elizabeth Hylton
Jodie Pittman
Stacy Nipple
Kayla Horoho

Cass County
Carrie Ennis
John Helms
Breyton Hensley
Jordyn Hensley
Derek Host
Kylie Hughes
Kelsey Kile
Yazmin Louck
Anglie McKinney
Brooklyn Miller
Nathan Troutman
Juliana Asencion
Krista Batchelor
Amelia Bault
Mark Bender
Brittney Biggs
Elizabeth Bilvin
Cody Bingle
David Boucher
Corah Bricknell
Alma Bueno
Timothy Bullock
Tanner Burks
Kylie Byrd
Rachel Calisto
Kaleigh Callaway
Lori Canada
Zachary Carden
Jennifer Cardona
Priscilla Cardona
Karla Chavez
Jordan Clem
Tina Collins
Tonya Collins
Jennifer Corcoran
Shawna Cozzello
Hannah Davidson
Paris Davis
Darlene Drummond
James Fale
Derek Fontes
Gabriela Franco Victoriano
James Galbreath
Kandace Gammie
Emely Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia
Nicole Garcia
Maria Garcia Guijosa
Lera Good
Bradley Grigsby
Cierra Grubbs
Larry Hayden
Abigail Henderson
Laci Hensel
Azucena Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez
Mark Hildebrandt
Paul Hoff
Christina Holcomb
Rick Howe
Denise Howell
Megan Huang
Kendra Hunt
Keaton James
Preston Jones
Poe Kah
Tristan Kizer
Krista Kruger
Bailey Lease
Kylee Lindsey
Celena Lopez
Genesse Lopez
Gladys Lopez
Gamaliel Martinez
Vanessa Mateo
Yamileet Mateo
Marina McKibben
Deysi Mendez-Paz
Kate Miller
Morgan Minnick
Courtney Minniear
Mikenzie Moore
Victoria Moreno Gonzalez
Rachel Mow
Yahaira Murillo
Misty Nesbitt
Jacqueline Nunez
Lauren Odom
Anthony Ornsri
Hunter Packard
Brenda Palomo
Jillian Penz
Elana Popejoy
Edward Preston
Tiffany Preston
Mika Quillen
Filiberto Quintero
Eric Regan
Jocelyn Reyes
Jose Rivera
Jocelyne Rodriguez
Mitchelle Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Sanchez
Caleb Rosenberger
Gianna Rozzi
Alejandro Sanchez
Carol Sanchez
Lorena Sanchez-Acosta
Fredy Santamaria
Sara Schleppenbach
Canaan Scott
Jessica Scott
Linda Sebastian
Erika Serna
Jessica Sliter
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Snay
Johanna Sosa
Chloe Strong
Trey Thomas
Jennifer True
Michael Valle Acosta
Andrea Vancuren
Adriana Villa
Kari Vincent
Emma Woodward
Blake Zimmerman
Kassidy Henry
Royal Center
Bryleigh Binney
Hailey Cripe
Olivia Freels
Bradley Jameson
Garrett Jameson
Kelly Jones
Hannah Krintz
Aiden Lowe
Devin Ash
Adrea Boxell
Katelyn Deeds
Amanda Douglas
Thomas Duncan
Chloe Guy
Rachel Hough
David Noel
Tate Robertson
Leah-Rachel Smith
Mikayla Strik
Dennis Toops

Clinton County
Dakota Bailey
Stephanie Ellis
Kaitlin Hunter
Kate Mattingly
Karina Ramos
Alexander Adkins
Courtney Johnson
Alexis McQuinn
Ashley Horoho
Taylor Barton

Daviess County
Jadrian Goodrid

Decatur County
Donnie Dean

Delaware County
Tyler Sanders
Cheyanne Keihn
Wesley Miller
Zoey Nuckols

Elkhart County
Kevin Avelino

Fountain County
Audriaunna Eades

Fulton County
Hope Manns
Max Good
Thomas Garner
Darian Batson
Amanda Boldry
Joseph Cattin
Hollie Chambers
Elaina Dishon
Taylor Fenstermaker
Jeffrey Good
Deanna Gualtieri
Patience Hudkins
Adrienne Johnson
Melanie Kidder
Savannah Locke
Alisha Morgan
Chloe Prince
Charise Remo
Carlie Sarver
Shannon Teeter
Anna Walters

Grant County
Jacob Curtsinger
Tasya Smith
Gas City
Samantha Gentry
Justin Bull
Troi Burch
Jerry Leavitt
Raymond Mauldin
Amanda Miller
Jessica Miller
Tina Rogers
Jada Row
Adam Stinger
Rachel Stone
Megan Wilkins
Cindy Anders
Jessica Nester
Stephanie Davis
Jacqueline Davison
Leslie Frost
Jason Henderson

Hamilton County
Lauren Johnson
Paige Lawhorn
Amy Roehrich
Alexander Short
Grace Roberts
Rebecca Roy
Chae Haley
Lidemag Segovia-Tomcho
Brooke Watkins
Arlene Emmert
Agnes Muringi
Damaris Asah
Cheryl Baker
Nicole Bruno
Polly Slater
Kayla Viramontes
Matthew Abel
Alex Aspinwall
Christiana Duke
Haley Eiler
Jessica Evans
Tazeia Hines
Michelle Landis
Joshua Moore
Brianna Perrine
Genevieve Phillips
Tabitha Schoenstein
Sarah Schoettelkotte
Trevor Titus
Jessica Basey
Dylan Schieman
Jonathan Barber
Erin Bromberek
Eden Combs
Cara Dunkman
Katerina Lowery
Angel Marquez
Arlena Murphy
Haseebullah Sharifi
Amanda Spohn

Hancock County
Tyler Swain
New Palestine
Morgan Goshorn

Hendricks County
Lindsey Hewitt

Howard County
Dylan Clark
Breann Donson
Olivia Ellis
Arienna Ewing
Maximo Gomez
Matthew Harrison
Jean Hickman
Melissa Keller
Kiley Larkins
Danielle McCune
Bradley Miller
Stephanie Millspaugh
Olivia Mohring
Sydney Querry
Cole Roberts
Lauren Robinson
Kaden Smith
Kaylynn Snyder
Conner Zirkle
Zachary Zrenner
David Akers
Matthew Arnold
Zackery Ashley
Mandy Avery
Anna Baker
Ashlyn Bammerlin
Eliza Barkley
Kaitlyn Barrios
Gryphon Barry
Bradley Bates
Alexandra Beatty
Dominique Beaty
Jerika Begley
Natasha Bishop
Kelly Bolinger
Courtney Bonifant
Ashton Boring
William Bornhorst
Miranda Boruff
Blake Bowman
Derek Braden
McKenzie Bray
Elizabeth Breedlove
Diana Brehmer
Jonell Brewer
Ava Briggs
Israel Burlingame
Geordan Butler
Kimberly Byers
Joseph Cadwell
Jennifer Caley-Keesling
Kayla Campbell
Leslie Carson
Sulena Castillo
Cristobal Castorena
Caiden Cathey
Karah Chase
Jackie Chavez
Gavin Chorrushi
Julie Clabaugh
Dustina Clarkston
Michael Cobbins
Tristen Comstock
Jessica Contreras
Laurin Cook
Katherine Copeland
Ransom Cornwall
Jasma Cowherd
Dayna Damewood
Breana Darlin
Jaden Davis
Naara De Jesus
Abigail Deditch
Crystina Diaz
Arrik Downham
Makiyah Dowsey
Jennifer Dronet
Eli Dubbels
Jania Eddington
Elizabeth Edwards
Ashley Ehase
Theresa Everett
Ashley Fagel
Owen Farrington
Heather Ferren
Lexus Ford
Tyler Foster
Carley Fowler
Shanda Fowler
Angel Free
Michaelah Freels
Tara Gibson
Amanda Gingerich
Micah Glover
Bayley Goble
Yvette Gonzalez
Christopher Gordon
Rashel Gray
Steven Greene
Jacklyne Greer
Emma Guldi
Dorothy Hahn-Morris
Raisa Hale
Jodie Hamilton
Caleb Harris
Patrick Harris
Makayla Harvey
Tishelle Heckman
Dakota Henson
Jaeden Hero
Aubree Hillis
Sharon Hochstedler
Brandon Hohenberger
Copper Hoosier
Shelby Hopkins
John Houlahan
Alizabeth Huffer
Kelsey Humphrey
Brandon Hunt
Tiffani Hunt
Marissa Huymaier
Andy Ixba
Matthew Keiter
Kole Kirkman
Angela Kirts
Anh La
Lauren Lagoni
Ruby Lashbrook
Nicole Latourrette
Samantha Lawson
Cambree Lebrija
Molly LeClerc
Isiah Lee
Jason Lloyd
Bailie Long
Chris Lykins
Pierre Malone
Eric Markham
Faith Marley
Amaya Martin
Nathan Massey
Ayden McClain
Nevaeh Mcclung
Bria Merriweather
Morgan Metzger
Caitlynn Midyette
Hunter Miller
Joshua Miller
Ronald Miller-Norris
Devin Moore
Jasmine Morgan
Jacob Morris
Shawna Morson
Ayden Mudd
Cassidy Myers
Samantha Myers
Nathan Napier
Ron Nearon
Gabriel Nielander
Jeremy Nieto
Santana Nixon
Sarah Norman
Kinlee Oliver
Brianna Orpurt
Ethan Page
Bryan Parks
Ethan Partlow
Brianna Patterson
Alexandra Perkins
Kain Perkins
Olivia Persons
Braxton Phillips
Miranda Pickett
Ariana Pike
Jonathan Plummer
Heather Prescott
Kileigh Pressey
Tonita Price-Taylor
Melissa Pruitt
Jordan Purvis
Jared Pyle
Chantel Ramirez
Emma Reed
Serena Reed
Nabria Richardson
Jennifer Ricketts
Zoie Riddle
Haley Roberts
Makenzie Rogers
Chad Rose
Angela Ross
Kasey Rupert
Christian Russell
Madison Saban
Sabrina Sadler
Margaret Sasser
Kaelyn Scarberry
Allison Schafer
Lilly Scheffler
Alyxandria Scott
Marijah Scott
Cole Shane
Alicia Shields
Arthur Simmons
Lisa Simmons
Monica Slonaker
Cameron Smallwood
Ayanna Smith
Daniel Smith
Eric Smith
Danielle Snyder
Nicholas Sommer
A’mya Sparger-Withers
Lillian Stamper
David Stewart
Shelby Stiller
Christian Stout
Elijah Stout
Harold Stout
Mandi Stout
Daejhun Strickland
Joshua Stucker
Josh Sturgell
Brianna Swing
Eureka Swygert
Jewell Swygert
Chante Tate
Kristen Taylor
Douglas Thieke
Baylee Tigrett
Ashley Tooley
Alyssa Torres
Tanner Turley
Melinda Ulz
Antonio Viera
Breannah Vogel
Caitlin Vollmer
Kasey Wall
Sabrina Walmsley
Haeley Walsh
Melanie Walsh
Anissa Washington
Carly Watkins
Joe Watkins
Stephen Watkins
Austin Watson
Hailey Watson
Logan Welker
Melissa Wendt
Gwendolyn Werner
Tennille Whaley
Garrett Wiley
Alexandria Williams
Brayden Williams
Desmon Williams
Samuel Williams
Edith Willoughby
Maryann Woodruff
Taylor Woodrum
Dresden Wright
Michael Wright
Michael Wyrick
Deonte Young
Monyae Young
Raelynn Boffo
Gavin Bugher
Bethany Caine
Shelby Cochran
Alison Cregar
Cheryl Dashiell
Conner Hartsough
Derek Larimore
Shelby Larimore
Nolan Leisure
Caleb Miller
Hailey Miller
Kati Morris
Morgan Oilar
Jesse Polk
Tameka Little

Huntington County
La Fontaine
Daniel Murgaw

Jasper County
Madilynn Friant-Nannenga
Kayla Paulus
Matthew Allen
Lily Barbee
Samantha Sullivan
Kayla Swisher

Jay County
Brodie Campbell

Jefferson County
Alaina Smith

Kosciusko County
Jordan Krotke
Malika Wood
North Webster
Patricia Yuzon
Bailey Howard
Winona Lake
Diane Fitzpatrick

LaPorte County
Michigan City
Dakota Kaplan
Dylan Duke

Madison County
Kayla Knuckles
Ethan Walls
Rebecca McDonough
Tamara Modglin
Christopher Morgan
Jason Peters
Sarah Tomlinson
Christy Webb
Noah Werline
Lauren Haynes

Marion County
Shelbi Anderson
Azeezat Badmus
Marcus McGee
Mitchell Miller
Levi Mobolama
Jennifer Neer
Juanita Perkins
Angela Smith
Linda Williams
La’Tayza Zhukau
Kierstian Brandenburg

Marshall County
Tiffany Glover
Jenna Showley

Miami County
Rachael Allen
Courtney Frazier
Holly Hunter
Bunker Hill
Richard Gasaway
Jillian Jacobs
Lindsey Leblanc
Kailee Meadows
Savanna Miracle
Colten Pitner
Draven Waters
Morgan Wilson
Bryan Long
Jaden Phillips
Cain Clingaman
Jennifer Ireland
Amber Ottinger
Kaelin Pattison
Teresa Shilling
Cheyenne Sons
David Sunday
Jocelynn Samuel
Angel Clark
Marsha Neff
Riley Rigney
Jessa Wilhelm
Maggie Working
Corey Collins
Kellie Foreman
Steven Allen
Courtney Azbell
Braden Bailey
Clarissa Baker
Melissa Barber
Tyler Bauer
Ashley Bautista
Kash Bellar
Taylee Benner
Hannah Bennett
Sheyna Bitahey
Caitlyn Blankenship
Kamon Blong
Kayla Boggs
Jose Bojorquez
Brianna Bowman
Madison Breedlove
Ashley Bretzman
Alisha Brown
Ryan Brown
Shelbey Brown
Mason Buffington
Joshua Burris
Dailynn Butzin
Braxton Caldwell
Roberta Cattin
Tequila Clark
Wesley Clemons
Joshua Cole
Alexandreya Crook
Treyden Curtis
Nicholas Davis
Nathaniel Dewey
Kyiah Elmore
Julia Fisher
Shalayia Forthner
Chad French
Donald Fuller
Shannon Fuller
Molly Gray
Shelby Hammon
Katie Hanley
Garrett Harris
Leslie Havens
Hunter Hays
Brady Hiles
Joseph Hiles
Kirsten Hillman
Emma Hintz
Monica Hipsher
Jonah Hollars
Jessica Honeycutt
Taylor Hoover
Michael Horsley
Caitlin Hughes
Grace Jaberg
Adrianna Knight
Christina Krieg
Mya Lancaster
Alexis Lees
Alex Legg
Rachel Lopez
Jonah Loshnowsky
David Makin
Samuel Makowski
Carlee Marburger
Melody Martin
Lynae Mast
Bradley Masters
Madison Maynard
Nathan Maynard
Masyn McGuire
Rebecca Mitchell
Bryce Moeller
Anna Moore
Maxwell Moore
Samantha Morehead
Kelsey Morgan
Shila Morris
Rebecca Moxley
Kellen Mullins
Nathanael Myers
Aaron Offenberger
Vonda Oldaker
Jessica Patrick
Katelyn Pearson
Pete Polk
Jason Ramer
Colton Ressett
Mackenzie Roberts
Abby Rogers
Ashley Rogers
Madelyn Rogers
Adrianna Rozzi
Taylor Russell
Joseph Scott
Katelyn Scott
Damon Seifert
Joseph Shaffer
Colin Sharp
Mason Shircliff
Sean Sisneros
Reese Smith
Riley Smith
Samuel Spradling
Kimberly Stason
Alexander Stevens
Dallas Stevens
Riley Stevens
Faylena Stout
Amber Sturch
Emily Townsend
Daniella Trent
Lavonna Troyer
Christi Waisner
Courtney Waldmann
Bryson Walton
Maxine White
Riley Wilhelm
Tabatha Williams-Janssen
Aaron Willis
Ashley Wold
Haven Wolfe
Jaylan Yard
Jacqueline Sites

Monroe County
Sarah Bird
Ida Ruth Gray

Montgomery County
Collin Rusk
New Richmond
Colton Meadows
Gage Rausch

Morgan County
Gennifer Cogdill

Porter County
Michelle Getautas
Madelynn Pepin
Pulaski County
Wendy Widner
Star City
Blaine Compton
Savanah Rottet
Andrew Ruff
Hannah Stanley
Valerie Field
Rebecca Gambrel
Christian Kasten
Ashlee Keller
Erin Schwartz
Heather Sims
Ashton Vancoutren

Randolph County
Parker City
Marcus England
Xaiver Gamester

Starke County
North Judson
Hannah Wolfe
Makayla Felda

Tippecanoe County
Cecylia Austin
Alexandrea Baber
Darla Bowman
Carmela Garcia
Dustin Hamilton
Rachel Lidy
Tyler Love
Danielle Reed
Yaritza Sanchez-Flores
Sydney Shoemaker
Candace Smith
West Lafayette
Austin D’Agostino
Marcello Gonzalez
Aundrea Mendoza
Jeff Snyder

Tipton County
John Meyer
Justin Meyer
Jacob Shelden
Cole Henderson
Jacob Hensler
Keegan Duncan
Skyler Eads
Kylee Fernung
Devon Neff
Marcy Reese
Madelyn Townsend
Hailey Wolfe
Dakota Bess
Gracelyn Boyer
Shira Culbertson
Brookelyn Enright
Tori Hearn
Jared Hickman
Emily Isaac
Ava Newcom
Alyson Nunemacher
Drew Randolph
Gracie Stout
Amanda Summers
Tanner Tatman
Kelsey Yundt
Caylee Ballard
Keenan Bates
Emily Byers
Walter Januszkiewicz

Wabash County
La Fontaine
Kristee Creech
Stephanie Hensley
Kaitlyn Luttrell
North Manchester
Savannah Mosley
Jacob Van Baalen
Marlayna Young
Taylor Cain
Sloan Hays
Jana Henderson
Kelsey Niccum
Bethaney Porter
Kassandra Proffitt
Danielle Wagoner

Wayne County
Marissa Matanich

Wells County
Alexis Graft

White County
Joshua Bedilion
Timothy Osborn
Angela Boer
Moriah Burrows
Patricia Lopez
Christen Oliver
Jasmine Reames
Kevin Walder

Jocelyn Reinbold
Nathan Pownell

Amber Grimaud

Oliver Jarman
Brynne Bruce

Auburn Hills
Valerie Niewinski

Saint Paul
John Valverde