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Cass County Visitors Bureau Board of Directors hires new Executive Director

Last Updated on June 11, 2021 by Cass County Visitors Bureau

The Cass County Visitors Bureau Board of Directors welcomes Anchal (Angie) Lalla as the new Executive Director. Her first official day in this role will be Monday, June 14.

The Cass County Visitors Bureau Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the mission and business of the Cass County Visitors Bureau. This primarily involves making connections with and assisting in promoting tourist attractions, dining, festivals, concerts, events, and lodging facilities in Cass County. The director reports to the Cass County Visitors Bureau Board of Directors.

Angie Lalla has an extensive background in corporate relations and management where she handled client interactions, fixed billing processes, and management information system responsibilities. She moved to Logansport in 2013 when her husband, Dr. Michael Lalla, joined Logansport Memorial Hospital as a General Surgeon. During her first few years in Cass County, she used her graphic design skills as a volunteer for All Saints Catholic Church where she helped design posters, updated their logo, and managed the YouTube and Facebook page. She worked as the Director of Operations from July until December.

Angie applied for the Executive Director position in hopes to put her vision for the Visitors Bureau into reality.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be the new Director of the Cass County Visitors Bureau,” says Angie. She continues, “As we see more people moving into our county, and more businesses opening, this is a great time to highlight all the wonderful things that Cass County has to offer, and how they can be more involved in our community. I want to make information about our county readily available for not only the visitors of Cass County, but also for our residents. Encourage your friends and family to visit us. See what makes us unique! We have so much to offer – art, culture, sporting events, hiking trails, beautiful parks, shopping, and more. Try out the various cuisines offered by local restaurants, and then find comfortable accommodations at one of the many lodging options. Being a resident of Cass County, I know what a great place this is, and now I want to work with all of you to accentuate Cass County – where friends, family, and two rivers meet.”

To learn more about the new Executive Director, or to work with Angie to promote local events, contact the Cass County Visitors Bureau at (574) 753-4856 or by emailing Be sure to visit the Cass County Visitors Bureau website at for information on where to stay, what to eat, where to shop, upcoming events, and more.