Name the Artemis Moonikin

Last Updated on June 21, 2021 by Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

Here’s an update from our local Solar System Ambassador, Pam Roller:

Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

The Moonikin is a manikin, or anatomical human model, that will be used to gather data on the vibrations that human crewmembers will experience during future Artemis missions.

But the Moonikin is currently missing something incredibly important — a name!

You have eight names to choose from, but only one can win. Every other day starting Wednesday, June 16, we will be asking social media users on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to vote between one of two names.

The winners of each bracket compete with one another until the final showdown on Monday, June 28. The final name of the Moonikin will be announced on June 29th!

Purposeful Passenger Artemis I Manikin Helps Prepare for Moon Missions With Crew By Laura Rochon, Johnson Space Center

Credit: NASA