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LMU water tower at Riverside Park comes down

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Cass County Online

The water tower at the west end of Riverside Park was demolished September 9, 2021.

In late July, LMU began the process of demolishing the former water plant located 1100 Riverside Drive. They also plan to remove the former electric generating plant at 800 Race Street. Along with the two facilities, the coal conveyor running across the Eel River, the defunct water tower, and former coal building on the north side of the river will also be demolished.

According to LMU, in 1914, water was provided to the Logansport community with a filter plant built next to the electric generating plant. The system was improved in 1954 when the water treatment plant was built. This plant treated water from the Eel River. It was decommissioned in late 2013 due to the plant being outdated. The city’s water is now provided from a well field distribution system.

Here are a couple videos shared by Logansport Municipal Utilities on Facebook:

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Demolition of LMU Water Tower at Riverside Park on Sept. 9, 2021. Photo by Phill Dials for Cass County Communication Network