Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Logansport Utilities

Logansport Municipal Utilities is launching a rebranding, which includes a new logo, as the name of the company transitions to Logansport Utilities.

The company has gone by different names and logos/looks throughout its more than 125 years as an electric and water distribution/collection entity. Those names include Logansport Waterworks and Electric Company, City of Logansport Electric Light Department, and City of Logansport Municipal Utilities.

The most recent logo design was created in the 1990’s with blue stripes and the letters L M U typed vertically. The new logo shows a multi-blue colored 3D sphere with a bolt in the center, with the words LOGANSPORT UTILITIES and EST. 1895 under the sphere. Throughout 2022, the new logo will replace the former logo on all the company’s signage and materials for branding.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Utilities

Logansport Utilities (formally Logansport Municipal Utilities or LMU) is a municipal owned, board-
operated electric and water utility serving the city of Logansport and surrounding county areas in northern
Indiana. Started in 1894, the utility offers carbon free electricity and clean water more than 20,000
residents and businesses. As a city partner, Logansport Utilities helps support and drive redevelopment in
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