Last Updated on February 9, 2022 by Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

Here’s an update from our local Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller:

Click link to watch a brief video of some of the stars that helped light the way.

Video credits: NASA, Producer/Editor: Jori Kates, Music credits: Universal Production Music

Honoring African Americans in Space

In honor of Black History Month, we recognize the contributions of African Americans to our nation’s space programs. Prior to flying in space, these individuals served as military pilots, engineers, scientists, and physicians, and more. These astronauts have made history with contributions that include participating in space shuttle missions to perform critical tasks such as deploying and retrieving satellites, performing spacewalks, conducting science and technology research, and piloting and commanding space shuttle missions. African American astronauts played key roles in the assembly of the International Space Station, and today utilize the orbiting lab by performing numerous spacewalks and robotic operations and conducting research as expedition crewmembers.

Credits: NASA website, John UriNASA Johnson Space Center