Last Updated on March 11, 2022 by Solar System Ambassador Pam Roller

Here’s an update from our local Solar System Ambassador, Pam Roller:

This video is about 4 minutes long.

The phases of the moon for March are at the end of the video.

Saturn joins Venus and Mars this month in the morning sky. Beginning around March 18 or 19th, early risers may notice Saturn steadily moving toward Mars and Venus each day, to form a trio low in the east before sunrise. The crescent moon joins the crowd on the 27th and 28th.

Look high in the southwest on March evenings, and you’ll find the tall, Y-shaped constellation Taurus, the bull. And at the center of Taurus, forming the bull’s face, is a grouping of stars known as the Hyades star cluster. It’s the closest open star cluster to our solar system, containing hundreds of stars.

Credits: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology