Food Bank rallies community ahead of annual summer volunteer “slump” 

Lafayette, IN – Summer means vacation and fun for many, but the demand for services at Food Finders Food Bank does not go away. With many of Food Finders Food Bank’s volunteers traveling and Purdue University out for the summer, the food bank historically struggles to fill volunteer shifts mid-May through August.  

Food Finders is planning now to stay ahead of the decline by encouraging local businesses, clubs, sports teams, social organizations, youth groups, places of worship and individuals to help meet this need by adopting a shift this summer. Volunteer shifts at Food Finders are typically two to three hours long and are available during the day, evenings and Saturdays. The food bank offers opportunities for individuals, groups and families to serve in a meaningful way.  

“In a typical week, we need a minimum of 235 volunteers to cover all of the scheduled positions to keep things running smoothly. Not to say that’s always the case, but it’s ideal!” says FFFB Chief Engagement Officer, Kier Crites Muller. “Our team is constantly balancing the needs of programs like the Fresh Market and those of our warehouse to keep product moving through our system in order for food to make it to those in need. When we are short on volunteers, the experience of both our clients and volunteers at the Fresh Market suffers and it can affect the quantity and timeliness of the product we’re distributing,” says Crites Muller.  

“Volunteers are crucial to the ending hunger work that we do,” Crites Muller says.  “We noticed several years ago that our numbers drop drastically in early May just before finals week at Purdue run low all summer until school starts again and people get back to their normal routines.” She continues, “to get ahead of this, we are asking our community to think of their social circles and schedule a time to volunteer with us for a single shift, a couple of shifts, or even adopting a shift on a weekly or monthly basis so that we do not have an interruption in service to our neighbors facing hunger.”  

Visit the volunteer calendar at for more information and to view weekly volunteer opportunities or call 765.471.0062.  

SOURCE: News release from Food Finders