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Logansport Street Department Paving Update for 2020 and 2021

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Logansport Street Department

During 2020, we paved Helm Street from Wilkinson to Park Ave. (.28 miles), all of East and West Linden Ave (.9 miles) and East Broadway from 26th Street to Cass Plaza Drive (1.0 miles).

During 2021, we paved the Annex (2.06 miles), Silver Street (.17 miles), Monroe Street (.03 miles), George Street from 11th to 22nd Streets (.48 miles), West Main Street (.19 miles), West Street (.37 miles), Lincoln from West Street to Garfield Ave. (.07 miles), and West Market from the bridge to Heath Street (.26 miles). This totaled 3.63 miles in 2021.

During 2020 and 2021, a total of 5.81 miles of streets were paved.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Street Department