Bird electric scooter program comes to Logansport

Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Cass County Online

In February 2022, the Logansport City Council approved an ordinance establishing an electric scooter program for use by its citizens.

The soft launch of the Bird Electric Scooter program happened Friday, May 13, 2022, with 40 scooters placed around downtown Logansport.

Riders must download the Bird – Ride Electric app and set up payment options in the app. The company says to rent one, you scan the QR code on the handlebars of the scooter and it will tell you pricing.

As of Monday, May 16, the app indicated that the cost is $1 to start and 42 cents per minute plus tax and 5 cent Logansport, Indiana city fee. Single ride passes are available as well as a one-day pass priced at $11.99 as of Wednesday, May 18.

According to Ordinance 2022-03 establishing the Bird Electric Scooter program (PDF):

  • Shared electric scooters are to be ridden on streets, and where available, in bike lanes and bike paths.
  • Shared electric scooters are to stay to the right of street lanes and to offer the right of way to bicycles in bike lanes and on bike paths.
  • Riders of shared electric scooters shall be 18 or older
  • Riders of shared electric scooters who violate these provisions may be fined by the City consistent with fines for cyclists.
  • Helmets are encouraged for all riders.
  • Shared electric scooter riders are required to take a photo whenever they park their scooter at the end of a ride.


The following info was posted on Facebook by Mayor Chris Martin:

Residents can contact Bird directly using the following methods (Community Mode being the most direct):

  • Community Mode: Community Mode is accessible by clicking the “⚠️” in the bottom left corner within the Bird mobile app. Click this button, and you’ll find three separate options: report a “Badly Parked Bird’’, “Damaged Bird”, and “Contact Bird”. This is by far the most efficient way to report the aforementioned topics to the Bird Team and you do not have to be a rider to use this feature (only have to have the app downloaded).
  • Their general support email address. If riders/constituents would like to reach out over email, this is the address.
  • +1 (866) 205-2442: Their 24/7 support line if the community would like to reach out over the phone

You can also find more information at Logansport Electric Scooter Community on Facebook.