Cass County Amateur Radio Operators will practice emergency communications skills June 25-26, 2022

Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Cass County Amateur Radio Club

The Cass County Emergency Management Agency will be the site of a 24 hour communications exercise on June 25-26. The event will begin at 2pm on Saturday, June 25.

Members of the Cass County Amateur Radio Club will be participating in the annual American Radio Relay League Field Day event. Thousands of amateur radio operators throughout the United States and Canada will participate in the 24-hour event.

Cass county amateur radio operators will set-up their radios and antennas at the Cass County EMA building at 1227 N. State Road 17 again this year. The goal is to try and make as many contacts with other stations as possible during the simulated emergency drill. There will also be a “Get On The Air” station set-up so the general public can get on the air and make contacts with the assistance of a club member. Marion Bell Jr. of Logansport is the chairman of the local Field Day event.

Amateur radio operators assist in providing emergency communications services to the community when other forms of communications are down, due to natural or man-made disasters, or technical problems. Ham radio operators can operate their equipment using generators, solar panels or batteries. They have access to thousands of radio frequencies providing local, regional and world-wide communications. Amateur radio operators use a number of modes including, voice, digital and video to get messages through during times of disaster. Ham radio operators can also communicate using low-earth orbit satellites.

Local officials and the public are invited to learn about amateur radio and see the local amateur radio operators in action by attending the Field Day event. For more information visit the Club’s website at: or

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Amateur Radio Club