Logansport Memorial Hospital provided over $26 million in Community Benefit in 2022

Last Updated on July 16, 2023 by Logansport Memorial Hospital

Logansport Memorial Hospital (LMH) recently published its annual report with measurement of the Community Benefit that is provided year after year to our patients and communities across north-central Indiana. Community Benefit helps us tell the story of how the hospital has been doing a variety of things throughout the year to invest in and respond to community health needs that directly impact the quality of life for those we serve.

Reporting on Community Benefit is a requirement of LMH as a not-for-profit, community-based hospital. But it’s more than a requirement for us – it reflects our commitment to serving all patients who need the healthcare services that we can provide, regardless of their ability to pay. The healthcare needs of the communities we serve continue to grow and diversify, and no one gets turned away at LMH.

A significant portion of our Community Benefit comes from four categories that record how we absorb losses from Medicare and Medicaid ($16,252,861 and $2,313,834 respectively), as well as from providing financial assistance for patients in need ($630,464). The hospital donated another $1,205,850 in financial contributions to various local organizations and programs that enhance community health and quality of life.

“Providing Community Benefit is at the heart of our stated mission, which is to be the region’s partner in both wellness and treatment,” commented David Ameen, interim President and CEO for Logansport Memorial. “We also have a responsibility to serve and care for everyone who walks through our doors. The healthcare industry is unique in how providers collect payments from multiple sources. At LMH, we’re seeing higher numbers of patients in the self-pay, Medicare, or Medicaid categories which results in lower reimbursement rates on the services they need that we provide, no matter what. LMH absorbs the difference between what it costs for the care provided and what is paid to the hospital for that care, which is reflected in the Community Benefit numbers. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, and because it’s part of our mission as a not-for-profit hospital.”

David went on to say, “The healthcare industry as a whole experienced an incredibly challenging year
financially in 2022, and LMH was among all hospitals and health systems across the country who felt those hardships. Our physicians, providers, and staff have risen to meet the challenge of each new hardship that comes our way, whether it’s changing regulations and reimbursement that put financial strain on us, working through unprecedented staffing shortages, or the effects of a pandemic that have lingered much longer than anticipated. We are all working together as part of the same team to continue responding to community health needs and to adapt to the healthcare of the future as patients, providers, and consumers.”

In addition to LMH’s community benefit expenditures, the hospital is a major contributor to the local economy. It is the third largest employer in Cass County, with 734 employees and over $56 million in personal income generated throughout 2022. Patients and families rely on our expert providers and staff, with 1,437 hospital admissions, 534 babies born, 4,225 surgeries and scopes performed, 142,882 physician office visits, and19,226 emergency room visits in 2022. These numbers all collectively make over $122 million in total value economic impact from the hospital across Cass County alone.

These statistics and more positive stories to share can be found in the pages of the 2022 Annual Report, which is published on the hospital website.

For questions about any of these statistics or any of the information shared in the 2022 Annual Report, please contact Vicki Byrd, Vice-President of Planning and Development:

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Memorial Hospital