4C Health Awarded HRSA Grant to Address Cass County Youth Substance Use Prevention and Programming

Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by 4C Health

4C Health (formally Four County) was recently awarded a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health federal grant to advance youth substance use prevention and treatment in Cass County. The funding awarded to 4C Health will undoubtedly play a crucial role in providing necessary services and support to children and adolescents aged 5-17 who are facing substance use challenges in the rural community.

The grant is a comprehensive approach, focusing on prevention, treatment, and recovery, which are all critical aspects of addressing substance use issues among youth. By targeting Cass County due to its rural service need and leveraging strong partnerships with local schools, 4C Health’s goal is to make a positive impact on the community’s youth.

The grant will support various positions and programs reflecting a holistic approach to addressing the issue. From direct care staff to clinical support, youth peer support, and parent/caregiver support, the aim is to create a multi-layered support network that caters to different needs and perspectives.

The grant’s focus is on strengthening partnerships within the county, with a special focus on local school partnerships, essential for ensuring that families and adolescents can access the necessary support services conveniently and quickly. Continuing to build a collaborative network within the community will lead to more effective and comprehensive care for youth and families in need.

Overall, this initiative aligns with a proactive and holistic approach to addressing youth substance use, taking into consideration prevention, treatment, and recovery. 4C Health presently has formal partnerships with all Cass County school corporations and has staff embedded in all school buildings. At a time when in our nation and state, a youth mental health crisis is upon us, 4C Health is privileged to work to ensure that robust programming is available for youth substance use also. This grant will take the 4C’s work with youth programming to the next level.

Lisa Willis-Gidley, Chief Revenue Officer of 4C Health, stated, “As rural communities continue to see large impacts related to substance use, this funding is critical to respond to our youth and their support. It starts with education and prevention and follows a continuum into recovery and 4C Health is ready to lead this charge. This initiative speaks to our 4C values of care that is compassionate, collaborative, and competent.”

Michele Starkey, Superintendent of Logansport Community School Corporation, stated, “We are so excited about this opportunity and thankful for our partnership with 4C. We will be able to work with our 4C partners in order to make a brighter future, not only for our students but for our community.”

SOURCE: News release from 4C Health