Nov. 12, 2023 recap for the 2023 football season

Last Updated on November 15, 2023 by Ed Nason

Ed Nason shares this update on Indianapolis’ Nov. 12, 2023 game. Stay tuned for weekly recaps!

The NFL is trying to spread its brand worldwide with 5 games being played abroad, 3 in the United Kingdom & two being in Germany.  The Colts was fortunate (or unfortunate) to be picked to play in one of the games in Germany this year & just happened to be last week’s game.  

The long flight did happen to limit two of the Colts players as it was unclear if it was jet lag or just a coincidence.  About an hour and a half prior to the game I received an email from the Public Relations that Linebacker Grant Stuard, who is an absolute beast on the field, & backup Quarterback Sam Ehlinger has been added to the injury report and are “Questionable” due to an illness. 

Thankfully, Quarterback Gardner Minshew did not have any issues as he was the only active QB on the depth chart, the Colts beat the Patriots 10 to 6. Moving the Colts to 5-5 just in time for the Colts bye week, this loss moved the Patriots to 2-7 on the season and reminds us just how valuable Tom Brady was to the Patriots. 

 Minshew was 18 of 28 for 194 yards passing and had 1 interception. Not his best game, however a win is a win. “I just want to win; however, we can do that. Let’s get in the playoffs and give ourselves a chance. I believe this team if we can stick together, we’ll continue to find ways to win and put ourselves in a good spotlight.” Minshew stated after the game. 

The running game was not at its best as Jonathan Taylor led the team with 23 carries and 69 yards on the ground with 1 and only touchdown in the game. The receiving game on the other hand included 7 players with Michael Pittman Jr who is going into a contract year leading everyone with 12 targets & finishing the game with 8 receptions for 84 yards. Next highest, who consequently is the smallest player on the roster, was Josh Downs a 5-foot 9 rookie with 40 yards receiving only had 2 receptions. 

The Colts defense clearly won the game for the Colts.  The defense only allowed 6 points in the game but also sacked the quarterback 6 times and intercepted the ball twice. Colts Linebacker Zaire Franklin lead the Colts defense with 15 tackles & 1 forced fumble. Franklin also leads the NFL in tackles with 117 for the year. I am sure if you look at your Milk carton you will see a picture of Colts Linebacker Shaquille Leonard as he has been missing for the last 2 seasons.  Do not look for him to be on the roster if his lack of play keeps up as he is the Highest paid player on the Colts roster and his contract has an out at the end of this year. 

With the Colts going into their bye week at 5 and 5 most people would take it.  Your playoff hopes are still alive, and you genuinely want to start playing your best game in December and January as the Colts are clearly going in that direction. Let’s Hope it stays that way! As always Go Colts & enjoy the bye week. 

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