Logansport Memorial Hospital transitions to Cass County EMS for patient transports

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Logansport Memorial Hospital

Effective April 1, Logansport Memorial Hospital will transition from Ascension EMS to Cass County EMS for support in transferring our patients to other facilities for advanced care when necessary. This will be a mutually beneficial partnership for Logansport Memorial Hospital and Cass County EMS. Collaborating with a local vendor like Cass County EMS will allow for maximized efficiency and increased contributions to our community and local economy. In addition, Logansport Memorial expects to see decreased wait times for transports since Cass County EMS is located in our community.

“Logansport Memorial is looking forward to this partnership with Cass County EMS,” says President and CEO, Tara McVay. “As two county entities committed to providing high-quality patient care, we can work together to provide the services that our community needs.”

Cass County EMS Director Brady Wiles says, “Now that we’re fully staffed, Cass County EMS is in a great position to work directly with our community and focus on increasing the quality of care that we provide to Cass County residents. I’m proud of where we [Cass County EMS] have come and I’m looking forward to our partnership with Logansport Memorial Hospital.”

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Memorial Hospital

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