Responders participate in lithium ion battery response training in Cass County

Last Updated on June 23, 2024 by Cass County Emergency Management Agency

LOGANSPORT, IN – Responders from across the region came to Cass County on Friday and Saturday to participate in the Lithium Ion Battery Response Technician course. This training was arranged by the Cass County Emergency Management Agency and financially sponsored by the Duke Energy Foundation.

The training, delivered by Noble Training, builds on training delivered last fall and included more advanced strategies and hands on practice for responding to incidents involving Lithium Ion Energy Storage solutions.

Topics ranged from response to small battery packs as one might find in consumer electronics to response to battery powered automobiles and Energy Storage Solutions as might be found on solar farms and industrial sites.

In addition to learning about nationally developed best practices, participants were also able to learn about equipment acquired by the Cass County Emergency Management Agency over the last year. Much of the equipment is specialized, expensive and has significant lead time for ordering. The Cass County Emergency Management Agency, as the county lead for hazardous materials response, has assembled a cache of resources available for any local jurisdictions that request it. This strategy allows for timely response while not taking away from limited funds needed to sustain traditional fire and emergency response operations at local departments. Specialized resources acquired include a specialized suppression blanket for vehicle fires, special fire suppression and containment materials for damaged batteries, and temporary containment vessels for removing problematic batteries from residential or commercial structures.

Lithium Ion batteries are an evolving hazard present in every community. Traditional firefighting tools and strategies are often not effective and may be counterproductive. The Cass County Emergency Management Agency thanks the Duke Energy Foundation for their investment in improved safety for our community first responders, and thanks all of the emergency responders who took time to invest in themselves and their departments through participation in continuing education.

SOURCE: News release from Cass County Emergency Management Agency

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