Logansport mulling adding, replacing AED units

Last Updated on June 19, 2017 by cassnetwork

Logansport officials are taking a pro-active approach to assuring local residents that a lifesaving device will be available to them or their loved ones in more locations.

City department heads, Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell and Deputy Mayor Mercedes Brugh have been inventorying the number of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units in city-owned buildings. Their conclusions have found that 30 units will be needed to fully equip police cars, fire and rescue units and park structures and other public meetings.

“Ironically, we found that one of the places that doesn’t even have an AED unit is the City Building,” Mayor Dave Kitchell said. “After conferring with the Logansport Municipal Utilities and our department heads, it’s clear that we need units not only for the public, but for our own employees who spend much or all of their workdays in city-owned structures.”

While Dykeman Municipal Golf Course is equipped with a unit, other parks buildings such as the new parks office in Huston Park, the Fairview Park concession stand and the Tower Park concession stand do not. City Parks Administrator Marc Vendl recently purchased a new one for the pool, which did not have one on site. Other buildings such as the Logansport/Cass County Memorial Center and the City Welcome Center also don’t have AEDs. The list of sites where AEDs would be added include the Street Department and LMU work stations outside the City Building.

Kitchell said the aviation authority board recently approved the purchase of an AED unit, but the city may be able to secure a lower purchase price by buying several of the devices in bulk. In total, an estimated $22,800 will be needed to purchase new units and replace outdated units, the mayor said.

“Additionally, we’re going to find people in each department of the civil city and LMU who can be trained to operate an AED unit so that we can be prepared for an emergency,” he said.

The top-down review of AED units in the city was initiated following a gift by the Cass County Community Foundation’s Chogas Memorial Fund to local emergency response agencies. The fund, established by the late Mary Chogas, was tapped following the passing of Mike Mordenti.

“If this kind of investment saves even one life at one location, it is worth it,” Kitchell said.

SOURCE: News release from Logansport Mayor Dave Kitchell