Candidates for the 2018 General Election in Cass County, Indiana

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The following names will appear on the ballot for the November 6, 2018 General Election in Cass County, Indiana. *

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U.S. Senator

Mike Braun (R)

Joe Donnelly (D)

Lucy M. Brenton (L)

Secretary of State

Connie Lawson (R)

Jim Harper (D)

Mark W. Rutherford (L)

Auditor of State

Tera Klutz (R)

Joselyn Whitticker (D)

John Schick (L)

Treasurer of State

Kelly Mitchell (R)

John C. Aguilera (D)

United States Representative District 4

Jim Baird (R)

Tobi Beck (D)

State Representative District 23

(Represents portions of Cass, Fulton and Miami Counties. Precincts in Cass County include Adams, Bethlehem, Miami, Jackson, Galveston, Noble S, Noble City, all of Clay Township, All of Eel Township)

Ethan Manning (R)

Terry Doran (D)

Adam Werner (L)

State Representative District 25

(Represents portions of White, Cass, Carroll, Clinton and Tippecanoe Counties. Precincts in Cass County include Boone, Harrison, Jefferson, Noble N)

Donald J. Lehe (R)

Maurice Oakel Fuller (D)

State Representative District 38

(Represents portions of Cass, Howard, Clinton and Carroll Counties. Precincts in Cass County include Deer Creek, Tipton I & II, Clinton, all of Washington)

Heath R. VanNatter (R)

Thomas (Tom) Hedde (D)

Judge of the 29th Judicial Circuit Court

Stephen Roger Kitts II (R)

Judge of the Superior Court II

Rick Maughmer (R)

Prosecuting Attorney 29th Judicial Circuit Court

Lisa L. Swaim (R)

County Recorder

Cindy D. Howard (R)

County Sheriff

Edward (Ed) C. Schroder (R)

Dale Campbell (D)

County Assessor

Cathy Isaacs (R)

County Commissioner District 3

(Candidate must live in Clinton, Deer Creek, Jackson, Galveston, Tipton I, Tipton II or Washington; voted on by all precincts)

Ryan D. Browning (R)

Gary Davis (I)

County Council District 1

(Candidate must live in Adams, Bethlehem, Boone, Clay I, Clay II, Clay III, Clay City, Harrison, Jefferson, Noble N, Noble S, Noble City; voted on only by voters in these precincts)

David (Dave) Redweik (R)

County Council District 2

(Candidate must live in Eel West, Precincts 1-7 or 16; voted on only by voters in these precincts)

Grover C. Bishop (R)

Tia Justice (D)

County Council District 3

(Candidate must live in Eel East or Precincts 8-15; voted on only by voters living in these precincts)

Mike Stajduhar (R)

County Council District 4

(candidate must live in Clinton, Deer Creek, Galveston, Jackson, Miami, Tipton I, Tipton II or Washington; voted on only by voters living in these precincts)

Brian Reed (R)

Rick Ohman (D)

TOWNSHIPS: (all townships; candidate must live in and voted on only by precincts in each township. There are three seats per township board)

Adams TownshipTrustee

Scott M. Rudicel (R)

Adams Township Board Member

Brian Shafer (R)

Aaron Lee Sylvain (R)

Brent Thomas (R)

Bethlehem Township Trustee

Margaret Hubenthal (R)

Bethlehem Township Board Member

Sally R. Bechdol (R)

Melvin Price (R)

Mary Nell Smith (R)

Boone Township Trustee

Bob Pifer (R)

Boone Township Board Member

Mary Lou Foerg (R)

William Haselby (R)

Susan VonTobel (R)

Clay Township Trustee

Jennifer N. Nies (R)

Clay Township Board Member

John W. Carson (R)

Nathan McClain (R)

Thomas K. Weatherwax (R)

Clinton Township Trustee

Mike Deitrich (R)

Clinton Township Board Member

John Heckard (R)

Tom Lane (R)

Duane A. Stuart (R)

Deer Creek Trustee

Stephany R. Prather (R)

Deer Creek Township Board Member

Dennis T. Crum (R)

Spenser Forgey (R)

Bryant M. Liming (R)

Eel Township Trustee

Mark Strong (R)

Michael E. (Mike) Fincher (D)

Eel Township Board Member

Ricky J. Bernhardt (R)

Shirley M. Bishop (R)

Steve Clary (D)

Rob McMinn (D)

Julie M. Morris (D)

Harrison Township Trustee

Catherine (Cathy) Cree (R)

Harrison Township Board Member

Ruth Baker (R)

Herd Crimmins (R)

Brenda Rusk (R)

Jackson Township Trustee

Sunny Saylor Gordon (R)

Kim Tocco (D)

Jackson Township Board Member

Marsha Dollar (R)

Blake A. Guy (R)

W. Edward (Ed) Smith (R)

Jefferson Township Trustee

Mark Cotner (R)

Jefferson Township Board Member

Craig Kennell (R)

Gary Miller (R)

Randi J. Wecht (R)

Miami Township Trustee

Joseph W. Pear (R)

Miami Township Board Member

Karen Buffum (R)

Marguerite (Missy) Field (R)

Brady Saylor (R)

Noble Township Trustee

Diann A. Sedam (R)

Noble Township Board Member

Edward (Ed) McKaig Jr. (R)

Ted Speicher (R)

Susan (Suki) Wilson (R)

Tipton Township Trustee

Marcia A. Harness (R)

Tipton Township Board Member

Joyce Beechy (R)

Larry Phipps (R)

Linda Riley (R)

Washington Township Trustee

Scott Albaugh (R)

Washington Township Board Member

Nathan Allen (R)

Scott Sailors (R)

Charles P. Stephenson (R)

Royal Center Town Board Ward 3

Cory M. Harmon (R)

Royal Center Town Board at Large (Vote for no more than 2)

Clayton Freels (R)

Kelley S. Magee (R)

Don Conn III (D)

Walton Town Board at Large

Dick Case (R)

Caston School Board District 1

Jeffrey A. Smith

Caston School Board District 5

Beth Michelle Howard

Lewis Cass School Board District 3

Matthew P. Lewellen

Lewis Cass School Board District 4

Ryan Zeck

Mitch Lynn Zehring

Logansport School Board District 2

Milt Hess

Logansport School Board District 3

Bill Cuppy

Pioneer School Board District 2

Bradley Swartzell

Pioneer School Board District 4

Rachelle Pearson

Brandi Rinehart

Supreme Court Justice Retention

“Shall Justice Geoffrey G. Slaughter be retained in office?”

Court of Appeals Judge Retention District 2

“Shall Judge Robert (Bob) Altice, Jr. be retained in office?”

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