Filing for 2020 Election begins January 8, 2020

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2020 is a Presidential Election Year, but there are also many state and county offices on the ballot this year.


Candidates seeking public office this year may begin filing their declarations of candidacy for the 2020 Primary Election Wednesday, January 8. Candidates for federal or state office will file with the Secretary of State or Indiana Election Division. Local candidates will file with the county election board. Filing will remain open until 12 p.m. local time on Friday, February 7, 2020.

A candidate seeking nomination by a major political party may file, as well as independent or minor party candidates and state convention delegates. Candidates for President or Governor may begin filing petitions of nomination with county voter registration offices for verification of petition signatures.

“Free elections sit at the foundation of our republic, and I congratulate those individuals who have made the decision to run for public office,” said Secretary  of State Connie Lawson. “I encourage all candidates to pay careful attention to the policies and deadlines set forth by the laws of our state, and to file the appropriate documents sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary mistakes and ensure an easy and efficient process for all parties involved.”

The Secretary of State’s Office is located in Room 201 of the Indiana Statehouse, 200 West Washington Street, Indianapolis. The Election Division is located in Room E-204 of the Indiana Government Center, 302 West Washington Street, Indianapolis. Offices are open from 8:00am-4:30pm EST.

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SOURCE – News release from Office of Indiana Secretary of State

For more information, contact the Cass County Clerk’s Office  at (574) 753-7740


May 5, 2020: Primary
November 3, 2020: General election


President of the United States
Office currently held by Donald J. Trump (R)

Indiana Governor
Office currently held by Eric J. Holcomb (R)

U.S. Representative in 4th Congressional District
Office currently held by Jim Baird (R)

State Senator District 18
Office currently held by Stacey Donato (R)

State Representative District 23
(Includes the following townships in Cass County: Adams, Bethlehem, Miami, Jackson, Galveston, Noble S., Noble City, Clay, Eel)
Office currently held by Ethan Manning (R)

State Representative District 25
(Includes the following townships in Cass County: Boone, Harrison, Jefferson, Noble N)
Office currently held by Donald J. Lehe (R)

State Representative District 38
(Includes the following townships in Cass County: Deer Creek, Tipton I & II, Clinton, Washington)
Office currently held by Heath VanNatter (R)

Clerk of Cass Circuit/Superior Court
Office currently held by Beth Liming (R)

Cass County Auditor
Office currently held by Cheryl Alcorn (R)

Cass County Treasurer
Office currently held by Kathy Adair (R)

Cass County Coroner
Office currently held by Randy Rozzi (D)

Cass County Surveyor
Office currently held by Josh LeDonne (R)

Cass County Commissioner District 1
(Candidate must live in Adams, Bethlehem, Boone, Clay, Harrison, Jefferson or Noble Township. Voted on by all)
Office currently held by Ralph Anderson (R)

Cass County Commissioner District 2
(Candidate must live in Eel or Miami Township. Voted on by all)
Office currently held by James L. Sailors (R)

Cass County Council At Large (3)
Offices currently held by Bruce Ide (R), George Stebbins (R) and Tracey Williamson (R)

Primary Only
Republican Precinct Committeemen
State Convention Delegates for Republicans and Democrats

General Election Only
Indiana Attorney General

School Boards

Caston School Corporation
District 2 – Liberty Township (Fulton Co)
District 3 – Adams Townships
Disrict 4 – Bethlehem Township

Logansport School Corporation
District 1 – Clinton, Miami-L, Eel E, Eel W (south of river) Washington – L
District 3 – Logan 1-16, Clay City, Noble City & Washington City
District 3 – Logan 1-16, Clay City, Noble City & Washington City

Pioneer School Corporation
District 1 – Cass Township (White Co)
District 3 – Harrison
District 5 – Noble-P

Southeastern School Corporation
District 1 – Miami-SE
District 2 – Tipton
District 5 – Washington – SE

For additional information, contact the Cass County Clerk’s Office at (574) 753-7740  or visit

More information is also available on the Indiana Secretary of State’s website at