Golf cart registration deadline for Royal Center residents is May 1, 2022

Last Updated on April 24, 2022 by Royal Center Town Hall and Utilities

The following information was posted by the Royal Center Town Hall and Utilities on their Facebook page on January 24, 2022. We’re sharing as a reminder to Royal Center residents.

ATTENTION: This message applies to any resident of Royal Center who owns a golf cart or any person who operates a golf cart within Town limits. You may have heard that the Town Council passed a new ordinance in 2021 that would require golf carts be registered with the Town. This applies to any cart operated on roads within the Town of Royal Center. We have been working in the office to prepare for this new process and are officially ready to start accepting registrations.

To begin the process of registering your golf cart, please stop in or call the office to receive a copy of the new ordinance along with the original golf cart ordinance, registration application, and release of liability waiver. Once our office collects the completed forms, along with proof of responsibility/liability and the $5 registration fee, you will receive a sticker that must be placed, unobstructed, on the front half of your golf cart.

This process must be completed by May 1st each year. If you register after May 1st, the registration fee will be $25 instead of the original $5.

As stated above, you will receive copies of the golf cart ordinance and registration ordinance. These ordinances contain all of the specific information, rules, and regulations relating to the ownership, registration, and use of golf carts in the Town of Royal Center.

Please contact our office for any further questions, or to have your registration packet sent to you today! Thank you!